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Seismic Sounds Hillebrity of The Month: Blythe Foulke

December 1, 2010

And so now we have another installment of our monthly Hillebrity, and if you’re not sure what that is then refer to our very first Hillebrity Jesse Blue to get the basic details.

This month we present Blythe Foulke(click on name to check out her blog “Life with Blythe“). Blythe has been a staple of the Capitol Hill scene for sometime now, and she can usually be spotted around The Comet on any given night supporting one of her friends band. No stranger to music, she currently is in the works with a new all girl band called Sex Shooters, which many people will be very anxious to see. I personally can’t fucking wait. I will be front and center checkin that shit out. And as of two summers ago, she also had a part in MTV’s soon to be released (Dec.15th) $5 Dollar Cover which spotlights many of Seattle’s local musical talent. Bottom line…..Blythe is no doubt a Hillebrity, and she deservedly gets this title. I asked Blythe a few questions and she happily obliged.


Favorite little spot to hang on the down low?
If I told you it would no longer be a chillz place…Kidding! I like to hit up T.Gray at Via Tribunali… It’s dimly lit, so everyone’s attractive! Also Thomas plays DJ almost every shift, so we jam out!

Where do you see cap hill in 20 yrs?
Looking like Belltown, Condos and commuters…

One of your favorite memories on the hill?
I have so much fun, I can never remember.

Describe the bar you would open on the hill if you were given unlimited funds?
I would reopen the 500 block of Pine street… Although I would modify it slightly… Kincora of course. The Old Cha Cha which I would rename Chi Chi’s, which means breasts or is Jamaican slang for homosexual or the Mexican Restaurant that shut down because of a hepatitis A outbreak . Harry’s Grocery and Pony(since it was after the Cha Closed) will be combined into Harry Pony’s…

Embarrassing moment on the hill?
When I went to Block Party a few years ago, I wore a shirt with no bra my tits are perky but I got drunk and ended up with a picture of me in The Stranger trying to lick my own tit. What the fuck!?

Favorite drinking hole?
Comet Tavern

Best cap hill bands to see live?
The Greatest Hits, First Times, DeadKill, Broken Nobles, The Heat, The Cute Lepers, Thee Emergency,Lisa Dank, Thee Satisfaction, Mash Hall, Champagne Champagne, Sex Shooters, Mad Rad, basically any of my friends bands!

Most memorable show?
Dinosaur Jr.- which was the loudest show I ever heard! The best part was afterward I went to go backstage to meet them, and the security wasn’t having it!!!  So Ben Hills (of course with his wits and charm) got in the back. He got Lou Barlow on the phone and we handed it to security and they still didn’t believe us so Ben walks with Lou to meet us!!! It was sooo Funny. They still wouldn’t let us back so Lou comes with us and we end up smoking in a field of grass at Seattle Center.

Best thing about cap hill?
The Sluts.

What’s in your closet that you couldn’t live without?
My porn collection…

Hottest piece of ass on the hill, both male and female?

Me and anyone that dresses well…haha

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  1. October 6, 2011 9:12 pm

    I am in accordance completely

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