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Seismic Rad-Libs: Josh Holland of Dog Shredder.

December 3, 2010

If you are remotely a fan of metal and have been wondering whats going down in the Pacific Northwest as far as whats hot on the metal radar in particular goes …  this Saturday is your lucky night. Nik Christofferson a metal enthusiast to almost obnoxious proportions and founder of metal music blog has booked one of the strongest local bills in metal, (next to my own selections, which is fairly similar) hands down. Every band has headline potential, and all bring their own bit of originality to the bill which balances everything out perfectly. One of these kicks ass bands is called Dog Shredder.  I asked front man Josh Holland to partake in our weekly Rad-Libs and feed us some bullshit in which he quickly obliged, and we thank him for that.  Make sure to get your ass down to the Rendezvous early, (10 pm sharp) and watch this metal mayhem beautifully unfurl, cause I’m not shitting you this is going to be incredible. Take my word for it. Grenades kick it off, then Dog Shredder, Sandrider and my favorite Seattle metal band hands down … Smooth Sailing.

Bellingham is:  A leading contestant on America’s Next Top Retirement Home/Hippie Jam-Hole. But with no celebrity judges. Ouch. 
I’m not into:  Metal. 
Metal makes me: Rock out. 
Is there ever a good time to: Pick your nose with a knife?
I can’t imagine: What in the hell drummers are fucking thinking. Y’alls are crazay. 
Fear can:

Chlamydia has: The potential to sell for 73 points on a scrabble bingo. Just sayin. Tagged: Red Fang
I won’t let: You stump me on this one.
Bands that turn my crank are: Unpredictable to both myself and my friends. It really could be anything between horrible and brilliant.
The best game to play on the road is: ‘Hey! Let’s see how long we can avoid the cops! And each other!’
Dirtiest habit a band member has is: Nowhere near as dirty as mixing vodka and mayonnaise. 
Saturday nights bill is: Seriously gonna lack in the heavy metal cameo by Brian Posehn department. Get on it, Nik.

Video compliments of Seattle Rock Guy.

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