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Seismic-Sounds Top 10 albums of 2010.

December 8, 2010

I am well aware that these lists are relative, and I think this one here is a good representation of Seismic-Sound’s diverse sense of taste. Nonetheless it was difficult scrolling through all of my favorites both recent and early on in 2010 and making final decisions, but I survived the process and here it is in no particular order.

#1 Jonsi “Go”- I mean what can you say about someone who seems to effortlessly push the boundaries of music and does it with such brilliance. I was a bit worried about the solo project, but I was completely flabbergasted when I listened to it and in tears when I saw it “play” out live.

#2 Deerhunter “Halcyon Digest”- I have no doubt that these guys could explore any genre of music and come up with something brilliant. This album touches on motown all the way to shoegaze as well as psychadelic. They are the Radiohead of noise rock.

#3 Deftones “Diamond Eyes”- Yeah yeah I hear the grunts and groans, but for someone like myself who enjoys metal, this band has it all …  and to not only hear them revisit the days of  “White Pony” and “Adrenaline”, but with a little extra something special …. I once again fell in love with them all over again.

#4 Local Natives “Gorilla Manor”-  Orchestral melodies and throbbing tribal beats alongside soaring sky-scraping harmonies. This beautifully blends the old with the new.

#5 Phantogram “Eyelid Movies”- WIth atmospheric synths right out of a spy-film and Sarah Barthel’s whispery sweet vocals. This Lp got some non-stop play for quite a while.

#6 Fang Island (self titled)- This post-punk record is fractured to hell, but still maintains that classic language of rock. I really loved this album.

#7 Wild Nothing “Gemini”- If you’re a fan of twinkly, fuzzy, dreamy guitar pop that’s beautifully crafted, you’re in luck. This album is pretty grand at the least and even better when it’s put into drive. In other words, it delivers.

#8 Allo Darlin (self titled)- This album went from 60’s style guitar pop, to hints of soul, country and afro-pop with a ukulele at the center of it all. An upbeat album full of brisk and bouncy enthusiasm. It’s a feel good record.

#9 Das Racist ” Shut up Dude”- Good, smart, abstract gone mainstream wordplay, not mention the reverence it puts upon rap and some irreverence toward themselves. Nice to hear some politically incorrect, yet cerebral humorous spitting taking place brilliantly.

#10 Two Door Cinema Club “Tourist History“- Simply quintessential English indie-pop rock. So so good.

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