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Seismic Rad-Libs: Brian Noyeswatkins of Tomten

December 13, 2010



So if you haven’t heard of Seattle band Tomten, then whats the hold up? This Tuesday night Dec.14th they’re playing the Chop Suey for their CD release party and from the looks of the entire bill, it should be grand. Joining them on their bill is probably one of my favorite Seattle female vocalists Shenandoah Davis, so get their at a reasonable time to catch her performance, but kicking things off is Bellingham  indie-pop rock band Candysound. So make your way to this show, and check out the great diverse sound of this bill, it’s a great example of talent we have here in the PNW. We asked front-man Brian of Tomten to be our rad-libber, and we certainly got some interesting and entertaining libs no doubt.

Prepare to be: The Bearer of Bad News.

I wont be: Grinning the next time some son of a bitch calls us “Totem”.

The truth is: Sometimes I listen to Procol Harum….and like it. Eek!

Tomten means: Ask your rustic Swedish Grandfather, or Astrid Lindgren so they may paint a rosier picture for you; one of heightened nostalgia for a yester age.

I can’t ever: Be seen in public without my furs… or my glorious entourage of Adonises draped in equally stunning pelts. O’ To Be Young and Jaded!

Christmas is: A Child’s Christmas In Wales.

My biggest obsession is: The Passion of Jacques Brel!

Don’t ever touch: Gila Monsters, Children, Eckhart Tolle reading matter, Jenkem, …….There are many things one should not touch and many ways in which one should not touch them.

I’m capable of: Starting a Phantom Organ Super Group with John Cale, Fats Waller, Alan Price, Rod Argent, Nicky Hopkins, Ray Charles, Robert Fripp, Moondog, Billy Preston, Ron Mael, Van Dyke Parks…even Randy Newman but then I wake up as Cinderella does to the service bells of her step sisters. No Phantom Super Group. Even Phantom Cats don’t exist. The Tantanoola Tiger was nothing but an Assyrian Wolf.

Butt love: Is impossible with a prolapsed rectum.

Religion is: Simple, I know I’m god because when I pray to him I find I’m talking to myself.

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