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Seismic Preview: The Boxer Rebellion at The Crocodile Cafe. October 2nd.

October 2, 2010

One of the absolute best un-signed bands in the music market is coming to Seattle to as they put it… “to knock the roof off that building.”  These four lads from all over the globe have been together since 2001. Lead singer Nathan Nicholson is originally from Tennessee and moved to London after losing his mother in 2000, and that move spurred the original incarnation of The Boxer Rebellion which was called Slipperman. After some very limited success, and some total restructuring, the band switched over to The Boxer Rebellion. Although they have received some commercial success, and signed to a label which imploded not long after, they have never given up. Their anthemic-big sound is truly special and has the potential to launch them into the big dance in due time, but until then, they are busy honing their skills and touring the world supporting the sophomore album “Union”. No doubt we will be hearing some new material from the new album that they are currently working on in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio.

Food for thought. This band has one of the most amazingly polished sounds in the biz today; it’s a band with pure emotion that makes you smile, close your eyes and even tear up while getting lost in the beautiful vocals of Nathan and the grand sweeping guitars, song after song. What I am saying is…..this shit get’s deep. The music has the ability to move you, so if you’re hitting a rough patch or mourning the loss of something, this is the music you lock yourself in a room with and turn up the volume to emotionally let it all hang out. So get your ass to The Crocodile early, because this bill is a sturdy one. Tacoma’s own Roman Holiday open things up with their ridiculously tight sound, and radio ready anthems  to boot, this band could go bat-shit on the airwaves on any given day..they’re that good, so get there early and check out the local talent, this is a local opener you’ll be glad to call your own. And sandwiched in between this all is Amusement Parks On Fire, England’s version of The Silversun Pickups, with Michael Feerick soft swooning vocals and the lush layers of guitars and uptempo beats, it’s a great palatable band no doubt and pulls the bill together perfectly. I’ll say it again..this is one sturdy bill that you won’t want to miss. Take a listen below to The Boxer Rebellion.

The Boxer Rebellion-Flashing red light means go

The Boxer Rebellion-Spitting fire

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