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Seismic Rad-Libs: Ethan Anderson of Massy Ferguson.

October 6, 2010

Ever heard of twang-rock? Well these self-professed “twang rockers” will be taking the stage at The Tractor Tavern at 8:00 pm for Ballard’s annual Reverb Fest.With a reasonable bit of critical acclaim off of their freshman LP called “Cold Equations”, and comparisons to bands such as The Jayhawks and The Hold Steady (I actually hear a bit of Jacob Dylan in his voice), a lot is to be expected of the upcoming October 19th release called “Hard Water”, so no doubt you will be hearing plenty of new material off the latest endeavor, so get your ass to The Tractor early, grab yourself a brew and get yourself ready to hear this all american band rock your ass off.

Conservative minds are: What I grew up around. I can understand some view points, but I like my politics to hang to the left. My family has military ties on both sides so I’m not sure how or when I ended up like that. It’s hard to get behind an ideology that got Bush elected twice. That’s just plain irresponsible, conservatives!
Getting up in the morning: Is the sworn enemy of all musos. The night is when the magic happens. How many songs are about the night (i.e. “I like the night life, I like to boogie”)? Millions. Not too many songs about getting up in the morning. I guess there is a Sublime song with a line about “early in the morning …” but you get the idea.
I constantly think about: Hall and Oates. How did they do it?
Compromise is a: Bitch. I like to stick to my guns, so to speak, but in the end I’d never be able to be in a band without a little compromise. I think most band leaders are tyrannical by nature and I’m no different. But I’m not always right, I can admit that. It’s easier to compromise when you are compromising with semi-sane people. Lucky for me that we have some sane dudes in the band.
All artists are: Selfish. But I mean that in a good way. If we weren’t selfish, why would we go play clubs, and practice hours on end to improve? We do it for us, for the self-gratification. The only reason I’ve been able to improve is because I’ve been selfish. I could be volunteering somewhere but instead I’m a selfish music guy — in a good way?! 
I have a horrible: Weakness for hot sauce. On everything. I have lost all taste buds. My gut constantly hurts. I can’t stop. Maybe somewhere in the deserts of Mexico there is a man with a sombrero that can cure me of this addiction. Or maybe he’d just give me more hot sauce. 
Massy Ferguson is: Sweat and twang. Just the right amount of twang and a ridiculous amount of sweat. We’re not sweaty all the time, just after the shows. We are, however, slightly twangy all the time.
I love to: Do rad things, so I’m glad you’re asking these questions. When you used the word “Rad,” I immediately think of rad things. I think of Mad Rad. I think of the greatest movie ever: Rad. Sure, this little game of Rad Libs is not as cool as Cru Jones doing bike tricks to “Send Me An Angel” –but it’s a rad idea. Let’s continue
If i could commit a crime and get away with it, it would be: Hopping a train or riding without a seatbelt or smoking within 25 feet of a restaurant; seems like all the cool old school things to do are now illegal. Once everything is safety regulated, what are bands going to write about? Water bottles and supplements? Do you think someone is going to write about smoking in a ‘designated smoking area.’?  
My favorite albums of 2010 so far are: (insert shameless plug here) Massy Ferguson’s “Hard Water” – we spent so much damn time writing it, picking it apart and recording it, I’m amazed to say I still really like it after all that! Usually insane repetition kills things for me. In this case, I’m proud … and relieved it’s out on the street rather than in Pro Tools. I truly think The Black Keys’ new album “Brothers” is the best rock album that’s come out in years. In an era of singles, this is an ALBUM. Every song is good. Another example of the more I play it, the more I like it. That’s a good sign. Really dug that Broken Bells album too but I don’t know if that was 2010 or not. “High Road” = instant classic.

Massy Ferguson-Long time

Massy Ferguson- Bent

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