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Seismic Rad-Libs: Starr Harris of Watch It Sparkle.

November 3, 2010

Starr is a social magnet in the Seattle music scene, but even more so…one kick ass drummer for the garage punk band Watch It Sparkle. This Saturday they are hosting a very special all ages show at Full Tilt, which is bound to be a scene. I asked Starr if she would give us the opportunity to get to know her a bit more and that means the good , bad and the ugly. So brace yourself it could get very ugly!!!!

Best all female supergroup would be: 
Mama Cass & Diana Ross (Vocals)
Wanda Jackson and Poison Ivy (Guitar) 
Kim Deal (Bass) 
Boy George (Keytar)
Karen Carpenter (Drums)
Ass play in bed is: Not recommended when you have the runs.
It’s easy to piss me off by: Driving in front of me. Get the hell out of my way! 
Most underrated Seattle bands are: Bleep, bleep, and bleep. No but seriously… Underrated, overrated, what’s the difference really? At some point people realize the overrated bands really are not that good, and if the underrated ones can keep it together for more than a minute, people will figure it out at some point. (Maybe I should clarify that by “minute”, I mean 5-7 years.)
A good drummer means: Serious business when they say one, two, three, four. If you have a really good drummer, not only can they count, but they book your shows, manage everything, and wipe your behind.
Happiness is: A great movie. Even though it is super creepy and twisted I like this film. However, in this movie you find out sometimes ass play is NOT appropriate.
I will never ever: Make a dime playing music.
The band name “Watch It Sparkle” comes from: Someone in the band whose ass I saw before ever seeing his face. I met Justin our singer almost 10 years ago in a dive bar in Lowell, MA. I was playing a game of pool and I looked up to line up my shot and there was this bare ass spread on the corner pocket. I was like man!!! You need to comb that red sweat pant lint out of your ass hair! He named the band. Ask that guy. But don’t ask him about the red sweat pants, he says he never owned any red sweat pants
Vagisil commercials are: For people who never learned you don’t mix ass play with vag play.
I like to drink when: Ever.
Worst dream I ever had was: A result from sleeping with the nicotine patch on. I have stopped sleeping with the patch on.

Watch It Sparkle-My Baby has a Red Tooth

Watch It Sparkle-Its a Kill

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