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Hillebrity of The Month: John Wolf

November 5, 2010

Due to some technical difficulties, the Q&A ran late, and for this I apologize. But we now have the answers to some random questions we threw at November’s hillebrity John Wolf. Guaranteed, if you spend any time on the hill, there is a good fucking chance you may have seen this guy. 

What annoys the fuck out of you when your out at a bar?: The single most drunk douche at the bar that wants to have some meaningful conversation with me.

What theme would your bar have on Capitol Hill if you owned one?: Hot girls.

Favorite drink of choice?: Bourbon and beer.

One of your best memories of a night of debauchery on the hill?: Douche-bagery? Never seen that on the hill!

Favorite watering holes?: Mario’s, and bimbos.

Favorite night to go out on the hill?: Every night that isn’t friday or saturday.

Best bartender?: I can’t remember.

Favorite local bands?: Samothrace!

Why would anyone from Kirkland or Bellevue hang on the hill?: I don’t give a fuck why just want em gone!

Favorite bite to eat after a drunk night out?: Depends on how drunk, but probably anything crappy from city market.

Whats the budget for a night out?: There is no budget that’s why I’m broke!

What improvement could be made to the hill?: First off Less east siders. Coke and more metal shows. Stop fucking tearing down our beautiful old buildings and putting up tin shacks that cost more money then anyone could ever even need!

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  1. April 24, 2011 7:36 am

    I’m not easily irmpseesd. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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