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Seismic Rad-Lib: Megan Pickerel of Buzzshyface.

November 10, 2010

This weeks Rad-Libber has a last name that is synonymous with music, and if you lived in the Pacific Northwest for an extended amount of time I would imagine you’re familiar it. Megan has played with bands such as Swoon 23 and the much adored Hazelwood Motel, but why meander far from home when you have a talented husband such as Herman Jolly at home; which brings us to her current project … Buzzshyface (click on link and take a listen). The slightly folky sounds coupled with her hushed vocals is nothing short of mesmerizing, so do yourself a favor and plan on spending a full night at The Sunset Tavern this next Saturday, November 13th, because the music is solid from beginning to end.

People Always: Breathe, unless they are holding their breath or are dead.
Seattle has a way of: Rewarding people with calculator eyes.

I keep my sanity by: Well, I don’t.  A lot of artists say they play music or make art to stay sane.  That is not me-When I delve into those things it helps me to get away from sanity and go deeper,  away from everyday common reality .  I go as far as I can while still taking care of my responsibilities .  I am crazy, but in a polite way.

There is no way I would ever: Drive a segway.  I really hate those things.  If you feel like you can’t walk I would rather push you around in a stroller than see one.

The most amazing thing in life is: Quantum physics, my son Maxfield, Herman, and my dog Huxley Von Specklefoot.  I guess when you break them all down they equal the same things-  Atomsenergylightmystery.

 Portland has the best: Resources for people who want to live a life that is healthy for themselves and the planet.  It is rated #one in the US for biking and vegetarianism.  Portland also has a way of rewarding people with kaleidoscope eyes and deep hearts..
I would love to change: The fact that vegetarianism is not addressed enough in the environmental movement.   It is an easy, healthy, humane way people can drastically reduce their carbon footprint on a daily basis.  If anyone wants to debate this with me they are free to after they have read all of the books on this subject that I have.
 My last meal will consist of: Fried human ears-local, free range, and grass-fed, of course.
 My greatest flaw is: That is am an idiot savant when dealing with most human interactions-except without the savant part.  I have a hard time being around people unless it is based on a mutual project or some kind of goal.


I have always been scared of: People who talk about clothes a lot, and being tickled.

I don’t believe: Except when I do.
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