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Seismic Rad-Lib: Bryce Shoemaker of Bronze Fawn.

November 17, 2010

Just when you didn’t think it was possible for John Roderick’s Rad-Lib ever to be rivaled, in steps Bryce Shoemaker of the almost defunct heady instrumental band Bronze Fawn. This guy puts it all out there and tells it like it is, and I have mad respect for that. This Thursday(tomorrow night) at Neumos he will be headling , and bidding adieu. Bronze Fawn is going out with class. Some of his friends such as The Kindness Kind and Eighteen Individual Eyes are helping see him off. If you’ve heard Bronze Fawn, I don’t need to explain. If you haven’t , then get your ass down to Neumos and do yourself a favor and see them. This could be down right epic….

Bronze Fawn’s demise was: Probably a long time in coming, but for good and many honest reasons.

People would be shocked if: They knew I was a guest actor on Wings for three seasons as Lowell’s little helper named “Randy”. Tony Shaloub used to just eat popsicles and stare and stare at me for hours in the green-room. Whenever I asked him why, he would turn on the Antonio accent and say something silly and we would have a good laugh, then he would go back to the popsicle and staring. That Tony was a real riot.

I’m not going to: The Showbox Sodo ever again. The sound there is god awful.

I could careless for: People who treat their pets like they are children. Have you ever met a dude who knit a sweater for his iguana? I have. Talk about depressing. Thankfully I was only there to buy weed.

Basic elements of a successful band are: 1) Find people you like to hang out with and push you creatively 2) Make music you are all happy with 3) Define what ‘success’ means after you have achieved both 1 and 2.

Freestyle: During the entire time that Fern was followed postpartum, she made day nests daily and frequently drank water (10 days). However, she only fed on termites on three days. On the 12th day postpartum she encountered an adult male who was in her vicinity only a few minutes.Subsequently she contacted the same subadult male as previously. He nested close by but terminated association the next morning. That same day, she took something out of her vagina. On the afternoon of the 14th day postpartum, Fern met the same primiparous female (Georgina) as before parturition and the two females and their infants travelled together for eight days. On the ninth day of association, they encountered a third adult female and offspring but the three females were lost in the rain that same morning. Associations with other orangutans accounted for 34.9 ~ of the time that Fern was observed postpartum. When observations were involuntarily terminated 23 days postpartum, Fern’s genitalia had almost resumed normal size and shape.

I may never: Be in another instrumental band.

Art is subject to: The price that can be placed upon it.

Seattle music scene is: Well known for it’s grunge music. They still play around here, right? The grunge music.

I wish people as a whole had more: Arms and freakish muscle mass. You know like Goro from Mortal Combat.

There is nothing better than: Pie and lamb meat.

Bronze Fawn is gone but: There are a million other bands in this town to listen to, go check them out.


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