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March Hillebrity of The Month: Jessica Luna

March 22, 2011

 If you could pick one night on the hill to re-live, what would it be?I would re-live the night President Obama was elected.  I can’t remember a bigger party in the streets.  I recall people scaling the street lights and I think QFC sold out of champagne.  

 Favorite place to let your hair down and get blitzed?Comet Tavern baby.  I like chilling out with my buddies Eliot, Ethan, Bryan and David. 
Best time of the year to hang on the hill? The best time to hang on Capitol Hill is when the roads are icy and snow is piled up.  Those winter nights are pretty amazing.    Every bar is cozy and filled with friendly locals looking to warm up and have a good time.  
Favorite little hang out on the hill that’s DL? I love going to Vermillion on Saturday nights after ten to get drinks from one of the best bartenders in Seattle; Raymond Kempe.
Two favorite happy hour spots on the hill? I’m not awake for happy hours, but if I was, I would hit up Via Tribunali and kick it with Thomas Grey.  
Worst night to hang out on the hill? St. Patrick’s Day
You can open your own bar.. what the theme, whats the concept? I leave that up to Jason Lajeunesse
You have a favorite night of music on the hill? I‘ve been to some great shows all over Seattle.  The best night might have to be the first time I saw the TRASHIES at the 24/7 house.  That band was pretty amazing.  I met my best friend, Ben Hills for the first time at that show.  
Best place to people watch? I used to hit the upstairs of King Cobra with my buddy Roman Herb and watch people walk up and down Pike.  Now I like to spy on folks while I shop at the Value Village. 
What thing do you hate most about the hill? I hate that Pike and Pine are not closed to traffic on Friday and Saturday nights.  
Advice for people who come to Capitol Hill to party? As for folks coming to Capitol Hill to party, remember a little goes a long way.  Be nice!  We want to get along with you.  We want you to spend your money.  We don’t want you starting shit.  We don’t want you treating our home like trash.  Oh, and remember to drink water.
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