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Seismic Rad-Libs:James Germain of James Germain and The Gray Grey Days.

March 23, 2011
I will never: find capri pants attractive. I hear they make those for men in Europe. I stand by my initial statement.
If I could: have a super power it would be to play music for a living. 
People tell me that I: look like Kurt Cobain and Jonny Greenwood. However, neither one of them looks like the other.  Maybe the whole pale and thin thing does it. Kind of how any guy who doesn’t look like a soldier is emo. 
I have always wanted to: get a tatoo and visit France. Maybe I should just get a tatoo in France. Both cater well to narcissism. It’d be like going to Ireland to have my first bar fight.
My life primarily consists of: interning between jobs and sometimes dating between jobs.  They’re both kind of synonymous, actually.
People have no idea that I: used to play in a hardcore band … we were called Harrison Bergeron. If Refused contracted herpes from Lifetime, we were the stinging blister.
If a fire was going to roar through my house and I could grab 5 things, they would be: 1)my Taylor, 2)a hard drive of all I’ve written, 3)a box I have of everything remotely nostalgic to me:  from photos, to letters, to my first band’s demo (which I can’t even listen to cause it’s on cassette), to my marked-up senior thesis from college (is having such a box kind of cheating on this question?) 4)Elliott Smith’s “Either/Or” since I can’t fit all my records in said box, and 5) I guess a fire extinguisher to try to put out the fire.
I have no interest in ever: being a mathematician.
The whole point of writing music is to: make something  primarily awful beautiful in some way.
The best reason I can give people for coming out to enjoy my music is: the words are just as crafted as the chords. Not to say I’m the next Wordsworth or anything, but we’re a band for those who listen more than they dance. If that bores your inner hot drop, Derrick’s ‘fro is quite a spectacle in itself.
Check out James Germain and The Gray Grey Days headline the Comet Tavern tonight with Tony Kevin Jr, Kimo Muraki and Norman Baker. A lot of amazing Seattle talent on the stage tonight March 23rd.
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