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Seismic Review: Davila 666 Rule The Rendezvous!

September 22, 2011

Monday night is a difficult night to get people out.  Most are recovering from the weekend and back in work mode, but leave it to the garage-punk band from Puerto Rico … Davila 666 to entice weekend party-revelers to spill their beer one more time; or was it the secret but not so secret band Dirty Tiger (AKA My Goodness), that brought out Seattle’s garage punk elite. Although Seattle loves My Goodness,  chances are it was more or less Davila 666. Upon looking around the place I was noticing that some of Seattle’s garage-punks finest were in attendance …. members of The Spits, Coconut Coolouts, Watch It Sparkle, and others. I also over heard someone say “this band attracts some of the hottest hipster-rock  chicks in town.” Hmmmm…. Ok.

The night got off to a slow start with the band Zis Kis, and after a couple of songs into their set, we decided it was a good time for drink break, but made it back with plenty of time to get front and center for one of Seattle’s most talked about bands My Goodness, who went under the moniker of  Dirty Tiger! (Due to a show they had at The Neptune). As most of you know … this 2-piece band can create as much sound if not more than a “full on” band, and this night was no exception. “Pretty Boy” Schneider was on point and in complete harmony with his axe, and created that front man loveliness, that makes him so fun to watch, while Ethan was having another stand-out evening on the skins, just killing it. The fans wanted more of My Goodness, but tis was not going to happen this evening, because the boys from Puerto Rico were geared up next to wrap up their current tour in the tiny confines of the Rendezvous, which is quickly becoming a favorite venue, due to the amazing acts that have been booked by Nathan Chambers.

In a packed out room of what seemed like a 100 plus people (borderline uncomfortable), the troupe from Davila 666 took stage and instantly created a tide pool of people, which only grew more intense through-out the night. Ripping through a set with songs averaging about 2 minutes and 50 seconds, it was the best recipe possible for malay, sweat, moshing and a shit load of Rainer beer being thrown all over the place. While the band passed out beers to the audience in between sets, they also did head butts with front row attendees while playing trying to show their gratitude for Seattle’s amped up energy through the raucous set (dodging beer cans and people being pushed onto the stage). This band put on an epic show.  The stage was soaked in beer and the crowd just a bit “ripe” from sweat … all was right in the world.

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