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Seismic Rad-Libs: Joel Cuplin Of Constant Lovers

September 30, 2011

Rad Libs are back, and what better way than to kick it off with none other than Joel Cuplin of Constant Lovers. They are throwing an amazing CD release party for the new LP “True Romance” at The Comet Tavern on October, 1st … and a shitload of incredible talent will join them,  but not only are we doing  Rad-Libs, but we are also going to be starting  a separate segment called “Song Dissection”, which allows the artist to describe the writing process behind one of their most current songs…we think  its a great way to get some insight into the artists writing process as well as possibly connect with the song itself. We will be doing a feature of “Song Dissection”  at the bottom of the Rad-Libs, then  at a later will be doing them separate with a little twist.

Now read on, and enjoy Joel’s fucked up “Rad-Lib” answers .. they’re very entertaining, Enjoy!


Sometimes I never: don’t like to ever not do nothing
occasionally, unless I’m not doing anything, in which case I sometimes
do some things, but usually not that much.  Not!  J/k.

 There was once a time when I: was handcuffed to a bed at
 Harborview and had a lubey finger jammed up my butt from a hot doctor.  It
 was not as sexy as it sounds.

 I can’t imagine: living without candy or tequila. I’d have an
 especially hard time living without candy.

 The name Constant Lovers came from: a six pack of Rainier and
 a heap of LSD.  All you have do do is change both t’s to i’s, trade the c
 and n for an m, lose one s and take out the v and add a g.  It’s an anagram
 for Mojo Rising.

 People tend to think that I am: a woman from the back.  I
don’t really get it.  My hair is long, but my butt is flat as a board.

 If I didn’t have music: I would feel like a guppy in a fish
 tank.  My girlfriend said if I didn’t have music she would turn me out like
 the little slut that I am.

 People would never believe that I: am not joking about my candy
 obsession.  The best gummies are made by Kasugai and are individually
 wrapped to keep me from devouring fistfuls at a time.  I also love
 chocolate.  Duh.

 I will never be able:  to hug John Peel.  There are several folks
 alive today that I would like to hug.

 The most guilt I ever felt was for: pooping my pants while cross
 country skiing in the third grade.  I just left my soiled underwear on the
 floor of the bathroom stall.  My classmates wondered why I was skiing so

“SONG DISECTION” With Constant Lovers Joel Cuplin.

 Describe the ideas and process of writing “Open Toe Heels”:  Lyrically I
 think it started from something I stole from Gavin (Tull-Esterbrook, our
 bassist). I don’t really remember for sure though.  I vaguely remember him
 talking about fingernails, and also maybe thighs.  The song evokes the pure
 joy of spring time in the Northwest, when the sun comes out, the skirts and
 dresses start arriving, and no one can refrain from grinning from ear to
 ear.  Then of course it delves into a love lost and a deep desire to guzzle
 oneself into oblivion.  It’s a common theme on Capitol Hill.  The song as a
 whole was thrown together rather quickly.  We wrote it the day of our first
 appearance at the Capitol Hill Block Party.  That was 2009.  Needless to
 say, it took way too long for us to get this record released, and we are
 super excited to get into the studio to record some new tracks.  Thanks for

Check out: Constant Lovers(CD Release)/The Absolute Monarchs/See Me River and Naomi Punk with DJ-GooGoo at Comet Tavern on October 1st, 2011-$7@9pm

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