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Seismic-Sound’s Album Reviews: Torn ACLs, Genital Hospital, The Soft Hills, Dinosaur! Attack!

January 16, 2012

So going along the lines of “Seismic” we are going with rating our albums on a richter scale ( clever I know). If it’s in the1.1-3’s, then CB or the album reviewer isn’t all that impressed really, and I don’ think that I need to describe the rest …. its pretty self explanatory. I hope you enjoy the reviews. Now go out and buy some music……

The Soft Hills- The Bird Is Coming Down To Earth (tapete records)
Release Date:Jan 17th 2012

Sonic storytelling where innocence is lost, grace is achieved and the fall is mindblowing. “The Bird Is Coming Down To Earth” satisfies that art- rock fix without any of that boilerplate after taste. The Soft Hills exist in a world where folk harmonies like ‘Days When We Were Young and Free’ and ‘Tidal Waves’ psych-rock drone share a  crash pad.
Tune in, turn it up.Richter Scale Rating- 8.0


The Torn ACLs- Make A Break, Make A Move (Self Released)
Out Now!

If your idea of fun is TP’ing the math teacher’s house or serenading your girl with Peter Gabriel blasting out a boombox, the Torn ACLs are  
the soundtrack to your house party. On “Make A Break, Make A Move” this sweet like candy pop 4-piece bring a “who do they sound like?” familiarity to the table, while still sounding  fresh and fun.You’re right guys, I can’t say no to Friday. Richter Scale Rating- 5.0

Dinosaur! Attack!- Atlas EP (Self Released)
Out Now!



Pleasantly surprised with a healthy dose of spaz-emo-prog fuck-all from this UK group. Sending haymakers into the mouth of different musical genres,theAtlas” EP rises above the blather of popcorn angst. On standout ‘Ephie’s Epic Algorithum’, lead singer Wildi lyrics dance somewhere between a whisper and a scream, with the band expertly following suit. Richter Scale Rating- 6.7

Genital Hospital- Ball My Children EP (Self Released)
Out Now!

“It’s like butt sex. A hot, sweaty, disheveled mess.”
Life is a punk slop orgy to these guys…and you are cordially invited. Genital Hospital aka Gays Of Our Lives bring the noise (and the lube) with a sonically fuzzy sense of humor on the” Ball My Children” EP. With distorted, jagged guitar and sweat lodge inspired vocals, GH will make you believe. Richter Scale Rating-7.0


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