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Seismic Rad-Libs With: Sam Peterson of Ambulance

January 20, 2012


So stoked to have the band Ambulance playing Presents show with Us On Roofs and The West on January 25th at The Comet Tavern. This show should not be missed, and KEXP agrees as they have also named it a “recommended show” of the week.
We asked Sam to partake in our Rad-Libs in which he kindly obliged, so lets take a read. Check them out by clicking on the band name above. Enjoy!

People assume: that I don’t work at JcPenney’s.

Dont ask me: to stop.

To get away from it all: I typically run into the woods until I am out of breath. Then I sit down for a smoke.

I never planned: on growing up.

I wish people would: stop hitting the snooze button and wake up, rub their eyes, and get out of bed.

Seattle is:  all of my favorite things in a bathtub.

My worst habit is: sneaking candy. At work, during practice, in bed, before dinner..

My dream gig would be: opening for Conor Oberst. On Valentine’s Day.

I can’t imagine: a world without cats.

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