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Seismic Video Review: The Soft Hills at The Sunset Tavern (CD Release Show)

January 23, 2012

The Soft Hills have always been a band I’ve marveled at ( or at least for the last 2 years). I’ve marveled at the incredible talent that lies behind the band, I’ve also marveled at how such an incredible band has been overlooked ( in a certain sense) by their own people? Was it because they weren’t running in the same circle as “the others?” Nevertheless, the band has been snatched up by Tapete Records out of Hamburg, Germany and has released an absolutely beautiful album titled “The Bird is Coming Down To Earth”. Its been over a year since last seeing them, so seeing them play for their CD release was met with great anticipation for me, and to say the least they delivered. It was highlight of the night …there is no doubt a band like this shouldn’t be playing the likes of the Showbox Market and quite frankly The Paramount Theater. I hope we don’t treat them as we did with Carissa’s Wierd, and come to realize after the fact just how incredible this fucking band is. I hope we start to take notice in 2012. I shot some video of their CD Release show, and I hope you enjoy it (you can watch in HD).

The Soft Hills

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