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Seismic Rad-Libs With: Brian Fisher of Us On Roofs

January 24, 2012

 Band Us on Roofs is kicking things off at our show tomorrow night at The Comet Tavern, and word on the street is…. “Its a fucking rad bill!” So get there early, cause no shit these guys bring it, and they’re the perfect way to get the show started. We asked Brian if he would do a Rad-Lib and he happily obliged, so enjoy it below.

Success means: a Segway for me and all my friends.

I get nostalgic when: I play Mario Cart or Golden Eye on N64. They are still
the only games I will bother playing.

I love to over indulge in: strange family movies from the 80’s (The Dark
Crystal, Willow, etc…)

I hate it when: you write something you are really proud of only to find out
you unintentionally titled it with a sexual innuendo (musicians: when in
doubt Urbandictionary your song titles).

Biggest turn on would be: a nice, sassy drumbeat and some 7th chords.

A perfect night is: falling asleep on the couch while watching an old Western.

My biggest disappointment: was arriving at a venue in Medford, Oregon on our
tour last summer and not being able to play because some of us were
underage. All those miles and we had to sit on the curb and listen from

Us on Roofs is: not supposed to be spelled Us on Rooves or U.S. on Roofs or
Us on the Roofs or The Sun Roofs or Us on Rufus (glad I’ve only heard that
one once).

The creative process can’t: function efficiently without an ample supply of
coffee and Mountain Dew.

Seattle will never: not feel like home.

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  1. January 24, 2012 10:36 pm

    photo credit to Ryan Ohlemeier of Strangeland


    Though I dont know who did the Sepia/bad looking light leaks.

    • January 25, 2012 12:06 pm

      Sorry Ryan…we thought it was a candid shot. No disrespect. We typically filter process most shots….just habit, good or bad.

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