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Seismic “Song Dissection” With: Jace Krause Of Fort Union And Song “Solstice Day Parade”.

September 4, 2012

It was June in 2009 and summer was just getting started (but not really, because it is Seattle). I married my wife Ellen the previous fall and things were going well. I had a decent job and my previous band was gaining some momentum in Seattle. We had always wanted kids, but thought we would wait a few years before trying. Well, we didn’t wait that long because despite our best efforts Ellen got pregnant.

She hadn’t been feeling well, and her women functions were not happening on schedule. These are major clues that there is a seed of a human taking root inside of the female.

It was the morning of the famous Fremont solstice day parade when we knew for sure. She worked a night shift at the hospital and came back in the morning and slept a few hours before waking up. She woke up because we were going to a party at our friend Chad’s place. Chad had a great spot on the parade route, where you had a front row seat to watch naked people riding bicycles.

Ellen took one of those pregnancy tests before we left the house. As we suspected, it came back positive. For the woman, your life changes right at that moment. For the man, it is much different, and it takes a long time to really sink in. I went on with my day with many heavy thoughts about my future. Were we ready for this?

I think I came around to the idea quicker than Ellen, probably because she had to make immediate changes in her life to get ready for a baby.

Throughout her pregnancy and even after our son was born, I was working on this song. I take a long time to write songs. Usually I have 5-10 songs I work on at a time, and some don’t get finished for months or even years. Those are the best songs I think. I don’t trust songs that I wrote in an afternoon. They usually don’t see the light of day.

“Solstice Day Parade” explores my thoughts throughout that process and time in my life.

It’s been more than 3 years since that day, and I am really happy with how things have gone. My son is awesome and I wouldn’t change anything about how he arrived here.

FORT UNION(<–Listen here)- Solstice Day Parade

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