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“YOU DON’T KNOW ME BITCH”: 15 Things You May Have Never Known About Buzz Band Nu Sensae’s ..Brody, Daniel and Andrea.

February 27, 2013
We sent our own Chelsea Robinson out into the youthful swarm of kids who filled the Blacklodge to see Nu Sensae in June of last year and the part that stands out the most in her show commentary was … “This band kind of fucking rules you guys”,  and that feeling has seemed to have caught on. Now signed to Seattle’s own Suicide Squeeze Records; the buzz is only growing.  Written about in national publications such as Pitchfork, Vice and Spin and countless others, the future is looking bright for this socially aware (read about Daniel’s non-profit Aids Day Music Program he started) and hard-working band. But don’t let the goodness of their hearts fool ya. This band is making some serious fucking noise, and are leading the charge for punk bands around the universe to get the proper recognition that’s well deserved. So check them out at Chop Suey  this Sunday March 3rd with the amazing Broken Water and Haunted Horses. (Click here for tickets).
We were able to get them to tell us 15 things we may have never know about them, and some are actually surprising!
1. I have been married for almost 4 years.
2. I grew up in a small town.
3. Just got out of the shower.  Currently bleeding from somewhere.
4. Own a zurna, shehnai and bin.
5. I have seen a ghost.
6. Collect kirpans.
7. I like taking photos but usually hoard the pictures.
8. At a show in El Paso, I fell through a window.  Kept playing.
9. Lived with a wolf for 4 months.
10. In highschool I wanted to be an architect.
11. My alias is Gretchen Snakes.
12.  I was born with a hole in the back of my ear.
13. Find it impossible to fall asleep in total silence.
14. I climbed an inactive volcano in Nicaragua and swam in the crater which has formed into a lake.
15. I have watched Alone in the Wilderness on PBS close to 50 times.
1. My dad, my brother and myself all have the same birth mark in the same exact spot in the same size on the palm of our left hands.
2. I currently and normally have at least 4 cavities minimum and have my whole life.
3. I arrange faux flowers as a hobby.
4. I’m Serbian, immigrated from Croatia.
5. I’ve been dying my hair blonde, green, blue, purple, pink and black since I was 12 years old. First dye was 7th grade cobalt blue.
6. I collect River Phoenix paraphernalia, every unauthorized biography available in english.
7. I love anchovies.
8. I love clowns.
9. I live with 5 guys.
10. I don’t have a middle name.
11. I’m perpetually late for everything. Never on time.
12. Orange roses are my favourite flowers.
13. Doctor broke my hips when i was born, i had to wear leg and hip brace as a baby.
14. I used to play basketball and still enjoy watching.
15. I can come off as a really negative person to some people but I’m in fact very positive, just very realistic.
1. I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Vancouver in 2002.
2. I am trained in ballet, tap & jazz dance.
3. I know almost nothing about technical drum stuff.
4. I am obsessed with medical info and love reading surgical, nursing and medicine books/journals/articles.
5. I can speak 4 languages.
6. I have acted in over 30 professional theatre productions and voiced over 60 international TV shows.
7. When I was a kid I severed my toe off by dropping a fishbowl on my foot. They sewed it back on.
8. I dance around my room listening to my friends bands, and lip synch pretending I’m in their band.
9. I have a fear of choking and often wake up in the night thinking I am.
10. I have a really irrational temper and I’m very impatient.
11. When I was 14 I tried to get Andrea and all my friends to call me “Twizz” because I thought it was a cool nickname and I liked Twizzlers. It never caught on. Thank God.
12. I was electrocuted when I was 17 (which suddenly seems to explain a lot).
13. I have a giant collection of ceramic lamb planters from the 50’s and 60’s, and compulsively look for and buy them even though I have no use or space for them.
14. I have a deathly allergy to shellfish.
15. I can play the piano pretty well.
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