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VIDEO POP: “Run Run Run” By Dragonette

March 12, 2013

Canadian electro-pop trio Dragonette has racked up a long list of accomplishments in the past year: they won a JUNO Award for their hit single “Hello,” performed live on Good Morning America, and released their third critically-acclaimed studio album, Bodyparts, which earned the band a second JUNO nomination, for Dance Recording of the Year. Fresh off of a US tour with Major Lazer, the band has kept busy delivering their infectious, electric live show to audiences across the country.

Those who are familiar with Bodyparts know that album opener “  Run Run Run” is a slow, synth-heavy cut with booming percussion and sincere lyrics that show a more vulnerable side of the album. Today, the band shares a video for the track, which follows lead singer Martina through crowded, yet lonely, city streets. Juxtaposing glamorous metropolitan lights with dark, gritty cityscapes, the video explores the high and lows we’ve all felt.

Driven by heavy-hitting electro rhythms, pulsing beats, and sing-along choruses, Dragonette’s music packs a mean punch. From emotion-packed ballads to fist-pumping anthems, Bodyparts takes listeners on a wild ride.

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