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NEW ARTIST & TWO NEW TRACKS: “Vladimir” & “Tablets” By The Tablets

March 13, 2013


For The Tablets‘ self-titled debut LP, she composed and arranged, as well as co-produced the album alongside Brenden Beu (Male Bonding, Pissed Jeans, o’death) She plays live with a plethora of artists–and you can find her playing as a duo or with up to seven musicians from show to show. The Tablets are set to release their S/T LP as a Special Edition along with a new live EP on June 4th, 2013.

Liz studied piano and ballet In Tijuana and Culiacan, Mexico at a very young age, and her dance studies eventually took her to Cuba. Upon returning to Mexico, she retired from the dancing world and decided to pick-up where she left off with music. In early 2010, following the hiatus of her previous band ‘the fearsome sparrow’, Liz began writing a series of songs that are solely hers. The 11 tracks that make up the self-titled The Tablets debut LP showcase Liz’s wide range of influences from ’60s garage and pop, to dark ’80s and new wave and some of her favorite childhood Mexican girl-pop dance tunes perfectly balanced with gritty shoe-gaze guitars and distorted Farfisa.

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