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Seismic Q&A With: Cameron of Theoretics. See Them Live at Columbia City Theater. 5/9/13

May 8, 2013
If you were given a Billboard on a major Highway, what would it say?
Oh!, that’s an easy one. It would say “INSECTICIDE IS MURDER”. This is probably the most important social issue that Theoretics is currently involved with right now. If that billboard saves just one ladybug, just one, it will have done it’s job. Because when it comes right down to it, it’s not even about the insects anymore, it’s about giving voices to the voiceless. I love you all, all of you.
If your categorized your music as a movie genre? What genre and why?
Well, in formal interviews, we usual answer this question with “Docudrama”. But I’m still not sure what that means, so I’m going with Sci-Fi Ninja Rodeo. I hope that if enough people think this is actually a thing, we’ll get a movie out of it. And if it’s even half as good as the movie that’s played out in my mind many times, we’re all in for a real treat.
What song do you wish you would have written?
“Happy Birthday”. You might think it would be for the small island state that could be purchased with the royalty money, but it would more for the women. It’s pretty well known that women not only love Birthdays, but in fact nothing is more arousing than the Birthday song. Plus you could be a dick whenever someone tries to sing it in the wrong time signature. “I wrote the damn song, sing it in 3….I don’t care if I’m making a scene…start mysong over and do it right this time…..she’s 6 years old today dammit, the least we can do for her is get the godamn song right.”
If you had one “power”, what would it be?
It would be something that seems amazing, but serves no practical value……at all. Like the ability to flip pancakes using only my mind. Everyone would say: “That’s incredible! How are you doing that! Hey! Flip that table over there!” and I’d say “yeah, only works with pancakes……yep, only pancakes…nope can’t do waffles either….well to be honest the waffles do shake a little bit but they don’t fully flip.”
If you were to title the most current album based on the overall process of making it, what would the title be?
It would be called “This Band Writes Music Together, Then It Records The Music It Wrote”. That or “Let’s All Sniff Glue and Fight”.
Name a cartoon character you always wanted to be or admired, when growing up?
Captain Planet. It’s like MacGyver and Chuck Norris had a green haired love child and they stuck him in a jumpsuit. That is a win win win.
Most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to you?
Birth. Definitely didn’t see that one coming.
Largest source of inspiration?
Shoot, wish I could remember what that word means. Best guess is India, but I should pass on this one.
The last 5 things you would like to do before “THE END”?
1. Pee on the moon. “Haha! Take that moon, thought you were a big deal huh?”
2. Ride a jaguar that’s riding a lion, on top of an elephant. On top of a cheetah, so it’s fast.
3. Win some kind of award where people stand and clap and they show Julia Roberts in a close up and damn she still looks good, after all these years. Good for her.
4. Back up my entire consciousness a la Kurzweil so I attain digital immortality. Then just hang out on facebook until everyone unfriends me because it’s just too weird for them.
5. Learn to macrame.
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