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“SONG DISSECTION” With: Kye Alfred Hillig And Song “Diving Dove”

May 14, 2013


No doubt the ‘Song Dissection’ project has been one of our favorite projects, and apparently yours too. It’s always a thrill to introduce you to a well loved song here, and provide the bio of that song to you, from the artist himself, but it’s also amazing to introduce you too new Seattle artists.

Kye isn’t on the tip of everyones tongue yet, but I think that’s all going to change in the not to soon future. Check out his bandcamp and you’ll know what I mean, but listen to this track “Diving Dove”(Below), and read what Kye has to say about the inspiration behind it. This guy is an amazing talent. Read what inspired him to write this song below.

Dear Reader,

Who knows where songs come from? I certainly don’t. I do know that while writing this song I pictured a lot of oceans and beaches in my head, places I’ve never been. I know I wasn’t trying for an effect when I wrote it. Songwriting is a lot like vomiting for me, I suppose. I take things in and then I throw it up and there it is, some half-digested mixture of my life and thoughts. This song came much the same. For me, it hit a place that felt substantial.

‘Diving Dove’ was almost too delicate to be recorded where it was: in a dark & cold basement of an old house on Hilltop in Tacoma. The world seemed to be attacking us with noise. There would be people walking on the floor above, and the ceiling would creak. A car would pass with subwoofers booming. Someone would get in the shower above us, and water would come surging down the pipes. Each thing tried to impose itself on the track. Waiting for quiet, I sat on a bench that used to belong to some woman with a supposed drug problem. It was a lovely bench. Very classy. All leather and fine finished wood. The mics were incredibly hot. If I shifted so much as an inch the mics picked it up, but we finally got the take.

The song was the last piece of work that night, so I got ready to leave for the evening. I said my goodbyes. Descending the stairs that led to the street, I froze as a SUV came barreling towards some poor bastard on the sidewalk. The SUV slammed on its breaks right next to the fellow. Out of the passenger side came some gentleman who aimed a gun across the car at the man on the sidewalk. I just stood there. The guy with the gun yelled something like, “Die, mother fucker!” and then everyone started laughing. Turns out it was a toy gun.



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