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January 2, 2018

Music is relative, and we all have those albums on a yearly basis that get all sorts of rotation for this reason or the next. Well it always makes me squeal with delight to find brand spanking new bands that get me all excited, and this year was no exception.
I seem to have found more fresh green artists, than years gone by.


Kind of difficult to articulate the profound impact this album had on me. It literally pulled my eyes away from my computer screen, to only stare at my speaker, as if they were performing the most beautiful thing ever in front of me. I was addicted, and there was no way the second track could be as good. But damn it was!
So I was beyond belief excited, when I found out I was going to be able to catch them performing at Vermillion Gallery 2 weeks later. But again my pessimistic attitude took hold, and I was certain they couldn’t replicate that beautiful, articulate, genius, musically wise beyond their years, whimsical, poppy, brilliant sound live.
Well happily, I couldn’t have been more off base. Not only did they, but they brought tears to my eyes and gave me the goose bumps about a dozen times. I didn’t want it to end.
I bought the album, so it never has too. (Click here for a full performance)

2. YOKE LORE– Good Pains Ep

Yoke Lore just has that beautiful equation of pop, electronic and even some elements of folk, that makes people move and yearn for more. This Ep was the first thing I had heard from Adrian Galvin of Brooklyn, and I was completely smitten. I can’t wait to see where this guy goes.

3. SERA CAHOONE– From Where I Started

It’s no secret, Sera Cahoone is a fucking musical giant in my little world … the special way she writes about heartbreak, life and love, make you want to roll down your car windows while driving through the cascade mountains singing about your victory in love, or curl up in a ball of emotions, and just straight up ugly cry about your loss. Either way Sera Cahoone’s new album will see you through. It’s a beautiful album from beginning to end.

4. VAGABON– Infinite Worlds

First time I heard single “The Embers”, I remember just turning it up, and thinking of how much energy this young woman carried in her voice, which kind of reminded me a bit of Bjork, but with a bit more grit.
Not long after, she dropped her vinyl, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. With that said, I have listened to it numerous times over, and it’s delivered in spades. This is another artist, that I can’t wait to see what happens.

5. MIDDLE KIDS– (Self Titled)

Sydney band Middle Kids self-titled EP, has a special place in my heart. I’ve been lost in their album several times, but “Edge of Town” kinda shook me to the core. It’s pop melodic sounds have had me moving in my chair, while doing dishes, laundry and maybe even some impromptu lyp-synching. I am dying for another album!

6. MOUNT EERIE– A Crow Looked at Me

Opening track “Real Death”, rips the scabbing right off the loss of his beloved wife Geneviève Castrée. It’s brutally raw and macabre beauty seems to be embraced in a slow dance of memories and pain.
Albums like this kinda defy all blanket statements of ones perception. It’s kinda like saying “I’m sorry for your loss”, the sentiment is there, but it’s just empty words.
Phil Elverum, is a bit of an anomaly to me, an artist beyond most, and this album is a in depth look of his personal journey through loss, pain and healing. A journal if you will.


Not to say we told you so, but …. we did feature a small project with Mike Hadreas back in 2010, where he participated in our “Rad Libs”  on this very website.
With that said, he has come out with another beautiful album to add to his impressive catalog. The avant garde, yet meticulously arranged music on No Shape, has Perfume Genius on a very solid trajectory to artsy elite status. With celebrity fans like Elton John, Micheal Stipe, John Cameron Mitchell and many others. I have a feeling we are going to see some incredible and creative things for many years to come.

8. JAY SOM– Everybody Works.

I stumbled upon this album this Summer, and by chance checked it out. I was mesmerized to say the least. After opening track “Lipstick Stains” finished, the album had my full attention and I couldn’t stop. It became a favorite album immediately. Her beautiful hushed voice is something to get lost in, and lose track of time. This sophomore album is a home run.


Bluntly…this 30 minute album brought out the 13-year old in me to be quite frank (Can I tell a secret? The 13-year old girl in me).
Her voice is familiar and nostalgic. The production is plum full of hooks and riffs. It’s got a bit of that 90’s vibe. But that’s kind of why I love it so much. It’s like one of those old albums, that got you through those tough times as a youth. Listening to this, is like eating a favorite candy bar to completion.
It’s very easy to do.

10. PUMAROSA– The Witch

This 4 piece from London, just kept me guessing, song after song. Their britpop sound was layered with bits of Radiohead, Bjork and Spiritualized, with slivers of grunge smattered throughout, but nevertheless, they still manage to hold their own identity. They created a beautiful tapestry of sound with this album.

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