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October 19, 2018

Yoke Lore Ep ‘Good Pains’ ended up on our 2017 top 10 album list, and I’m still obsessed with it. But now he has a new jewel ‘Absolutes’, that has my attention. We got a chance to ask him some questions about the new album, and cities that inspire him the most.

Make sure you get a chance to check him out at the Lo-Fi on October 21st with openers Bay Ledges. Get tix here! Show at 7pm.

How have you grown musically between 2017 EP, and the newest EP, that maybe we wouldn’t notice as a listener?
Hmm.  I think I’m becoming more and more aware of what Yoke Lore is. I started this thing and write songs in my bedroom that turn out to mean something really specific to people halfway across the world for reasons I have no idea about. I think I’m learning better about how that connects me and my listeners. Sonically, I’m not sure there is much of a stark difference between the two releases, but to me, Absolutes is a bit more concentrated in terms of the nature of the sounds and a bit more focused in terms of the lyrics.
Is this the best time of your life musically? If it ended tomorrow, would you be happy with what you’ve done?
It probably is the best time of my life, but I want tomorrow to be better. And if it ends tomorrow, hell yeah, I had a great time. I don’t think I’ve done a whole lot on the grand scale, but I think in general, my music has moved the world in a better direction, if even in the tiniest of ways. This is like grassroots marketing. We start small, on the individual scale and try to change one perspective at a time. I think I’ have helped to shift some peoples focus toward a better consciousness.  That’s good enough for me
What city is most important to you for music?
I make lots of music in Joshua Tree. I make lots of music in New York City. I love playing shows in Toronto and Cleveland. But I would like to think that I can create a space anywhere I am in order to do my work. As long as I can create separate sacred space, as long as I can find quiet, and as long as I can find time I can make music.
If you could collaborate with 2 people (alive), who would they be, and why?
Hmmmmmmmm. Jeremih. I think that dude is a hidden genius of our time. So under appreciated. And Caribou. I would love to see how I could live in that world.
Tell me a bit about the song “Concrete”. I have an idea of what I think its about, but in all honesty ….I very well could be wrong.
The lyrics “The wood I sent you won’t believe your lies, but you can try” baffled me a bit. Indulge me in what it’s about.
I live in cities: LA and NYC most of the time. And I feel most myself in the forest, secluded and remote. I’m a bit of a forest monk.
There are different Adrian’s that come out in different places. This song is about learning to balance and negotiate between the different parts of me that come out in different places. So that line “the wood I sent you…” is about feeling the woods to be a place where you can’t tell lies. Trees have no use for lies. The forest wrenches the truth out of me in a way the city doesn’t.
Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you…
I can’t whistle.
And what are your thoughts about Seattle, if you’ve been here, and if you haven’t what do you expect (besides the rain cliche)?
I have been! Once! I didn’t get to spend that much time because we drove in the day of the shows and then drove out of town that night, but it was beautiful. It’s so lush. I love your rainbow crosswalks, the waterfront. The pretty ferris wheel … Maybe I can ride it this time.
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