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January 17, 2019

This list is quite tardy, but better late than never. Due to family emergencies, I had to postpone formatting and putting my list up here. I did however have my top 10 of 2018 list posted on the KEXP music website.
So here we have my top 10 favorite’s of 2018.

Over the past few years my focus was a broad spectrum of music both mainstream and independent. But this year I wanted to try and keep the focus on the bands who had a smaller presence but had just as big of a impact.
Sure I’m aware of the amazing Mitski album, Low and Robyn albums … they all killed. But I really needed to focus on those smaller bands, and reveal the bands that affected me the most, in a “holy shit, who is this band again?” kind of way.
I’m not going to lie, this could very well be a top 50 albums of the year, cause I’m telling you ….. good quality music is out there, and there is ton of it that’s going unheard.
So I basically wanted to really tip my hat to these bands that are a bit more obscure, but their sound and impact was top notch shit nonetheless.

1. Mammoth Indigo – Wilt

This band put my mouth on the floor, and I was in complete awe, track after track. The depth of their musical talent completely floored me, and I cry big gay tears that this band has not been discovered. But I think this may be just be the beginning. I will do what I can to change that. Check this album out.


2. Wild Pink– Yolk In The Fur

This album is Magic right from the jump with incredibly beautiful ethereal sounds, and then morphs into this light, folky-pop, Wilco frosted song called “Lake Erie”, and the album just keeps delivering time after time.


3. The Greeting Committee – Is This It

The descriptors for this album are hard to peg. This album takes on many faces of well crafted quirky pop art sounds that burrow under the skin immediately. I was listening to this album on repeat quite a bit while working at my computer, and I’d imagine at any moment I would have been busted for doing some kind of “jig” in my chair. It’s a beautiful and fun album, and I’m obsessed with seeing them live.


4. Sloucher– Be True

No surprise within my social media feeds that this one of my absolute favorite bands in Seattle. Their debut album made my top 10 list in 2016.
So much about them resonates with me, whether it be the nostalgic guitar riffs, or the Cobain-esque vocals of lead singer Jay Clancy. But this is no way is a rip off of yesteryear. This shit is tight, and it’s professional. I highly suggest you check them out.


5. Shame– Song Of Praise

I mean, where to start with this band out of South London. I remember hearing the song “One Rizla” the first time and I was addicted. They hav this pop appeal that’s universal, but you can hear that angsty shit in the vocals of Charlie Steen that remind you of Sid Vicious. This album has all the elements of making this band the next big thing out of London, right along with Idles.


6. Constant Mongrel– “Living In Excellence”

This band out of Melbourne, Australia is the perfect remedy for that beautifully crafted gritty punk sound that I really enjoy. This band has little or no presence online but I would love to see that change. Listen to this album, and then tell me that I didn’t tell you so. I need this VINYL!


7. Erika Wennerstrom– Sweet Unknown

You may know this woman from Heartless Bastards, but holy shit! The talent and incredible music this woman just divvied up is extraordinary. I dare you to just hit play on the opening track, then listen to how this all unfolds ….its brilliant!! Typically, I do a little eye-roll when people get out and do their own solo projects cause so much falls flat. But Erika Wennerstrom could destroy the music world with her solo talent. I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


8. Haley Heynderickx– I Need To Start A Garden

Not to gloat, but I was hot on the trail of this budding artist, years ago, when I lived in Portland for a year. I reached out to work with her, and we corresponded, but as time went on and all was forgotten. I moved back to Seattle, and all had but faded. Then I recieved a email in my inbox about her new album … and on Mama Bird Records no less (Well played Mama Bird), and I knew once again that I was correct in my findings years back that she had it. And that she has!
Freshman album ‘I Need To Start A Garden’ is sublime. It’s one of the most vocally intricate albums I have heard since fellow Portland crooner Kelli Schaefer’s ‘Ghost Of The Beast’. It’s a beautiful tapestry of gentle plucking on her guitar, aligned with that incredible voice that will leave you in a trance. Stunning…


9. The Sea Atlas– Goodbye

Boom! Opening track “Ripped Jeans” is fucking ginormous. It’s so much of what I look for in emotional and heart wrenching track. Just enough gloom, and optimism to make me bury my head in my hands and want more. I will forever be paying attention to this artist, and I can’t wait till he rolls through Seattle.


10. Yoshi Flower– American Raver

This came out of left field, and I was on the floor in disbelief while listening to it. Essentially unheard of, Yoshi Flower can not only write, but his voice is money and the beats are fucking fire.
I think he has the potential to do HUGE things in his career. I’m watching this guy with bated breathe. Someone needs to get him some huge opps, cause the kids will eat this shit up!!



October 19, 2018

Yoke Lore Ep ‘Good Pains’ ended up on our 2017 top 10 album list, and I’m still obsessed with it. But now he has a new jewel ‘Absolutes’, that has my attention. We got a chance to ask him some questions about the new album, and cities that inspire him the most.

Make sure you get a chance to check him out at the Lo-Fi on October 21st with openers Bay Ledges. Get tix here! Show at 7pm.

How have you grown musically between 2017 EP, and the newest EP, that maybe we wouldn’t notice as a listener?
Hmm.  I think I’m becoming more and more aware of what Yoke Lore is. I started this thing and write songs in my bedroom that turn out to mean something really specific to people halfway across the world for reasons I have no idea about. I think I’m learning better about how that connects me and my listeners. Sonically, I’m not sure there is much of a stark difference between the two releases, but to me, Absolutes is a bit more concentrated in terms of the nature of the sounds and a bit more focused in terms of the lyrics.
Is this the best time of your life musically? If it ended tomorrow, would you be happy with what you’ve done?
It probably is the best time of my life, but I want tomorrow to be better. And if it ends tomorrow, hell yeah, I had a great time. I don’t think I’ve done a whole lot on the grand scale, but I think in general, my music has moved the world in a better direction, if even in the tiniest of ways. This is like grassroots marketing. We start small, on the individual scale and try to change one perspective at a time. I think I’ have helped to shift some peoples focus toward a better consciousness.  That’s good enough for me
What city is most important to you for music?
I make lots of music in Joshua Tree. I make lots of music in New York City. I love playing shows in Toronto and Cleveland. But I would like to think that I can create a space anywhere I am in order to do my work. As long as I can create separate sacred space, as long as I can find quiet, and as long as I can find time I can make music.
If you could collaborate with 2 people (alive), who would they be, and why?
Hmmmmmmmm. Jeremih. I think that dude is a hidden genius of our time. So under appreciated. And Caribou. I would love to see how I could live in that world.
Tell me a bit about the song “Concrete”. I have an idea of what I think its about, but in all honesty ….I very well could be wrong.
The lyrics “The wood I sent you won’t believe your lies, but you can try” baffled me a bit. Indulge me in what it’s about.
I live in cities: LA and NYC most of the time. And I feel most myself in the forest, secluded and remote. I’m a bit of a forest monk.
There are different Adrian’s that come out in different places. This song is about learning to balance and negotiate between the different parts of me that come out in different places. So that line “the wood I sent you…” is about feeling the woods to be a place where you can’t tell lies. Trees have no use for lies. The forest wrenches the truth out of me in a way the city doesn’t.
Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you…
I can’t whistle.
And what are your thoughts about Seattle, if you’ve been here, and if you haven’t what do you expect (besides the rain cliche)?
I have been! Once! I didn’t get to spend that much time because we drove in the day of the shows and then drove out of town that night, but it was beautiful. It’s so lush. I love your rainbow crosswalks, the waterfront. The pretty ferris wheel … Maybe I can ride it this time.


September 13, 2018


Wikipedia dot org– the modern millennials most trusted fact source, defines a collage as “an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.” Brooklyn, New York’s Hypoluxo make music that is, in every sense of the definition, a collage. WIth their signature calm, cool, and collected disposition; the band pulls off a somehow-seamless smattering of shoegaze, indie rock, and dream pop. Vocalist/guitarist Samuel Jacob Cogen and guitarist Cameron Riordan forge distant yet warm melodies that float over a subtly funky and driving rhythm section; comprised of bassist Eric Jaso and drummer Marco Hector Ocampo. Motivated hooks and choruses infiltrate a shimmering and spacey atmosphere, and preclude any notion of apathy. As they construct method out of madness, the band executes repeatedly changing time signatures with grace and poise. All the while, not a single note feels arduous. The quartet’s delivery is so nonchalant it’s almost smug. Like a grand sigh of relief, each moment unfolds with inhibition, encouraging listeners to sink further and further into the deep state of relaxation we all so desperately long for.

Cogen’s vocals are without question one of the most striking and defining features of the band’s unique sound. Said vocals can be characterized by their polished and satiny quality, undoubtedly contributing to Hypoluxo’s captivating, almost hypnotic overall nature. Smooth yet strong, like a high quality alcoholic beverage, his deep-toned voice may catch those unfamiliar with Hypoluxo off guard. Yet he is anything but fazed, as sincere and eloquent lyricism pours out of him with ease.

Their sophomore full length release, Running on a Fence, exemplifies the newfound confidence in Hypoluxo. Following their debut 2016 LP, If Language, the new album illustrates an immense growth within the group. With a sound just idiosyncratic enough to prevent them from being quite like anything else out there, yet unmistakably drawing components from widely appealing aesthetics, the band has clearly caught their stride and come into their own. Songs like “Insecure” and “Midnight Snack” demonstrate their ability to compose an infectiously catchy tune. While standout track “Character Driven” finds the band wandering into unchartered territory, dipping into a borderline-country aesthetic without succumbing to the cliches of the current and ephemeral “alt-country” trend.

Hypoluxo’s eccentric sound may make them hard to place among their fellow indie rock peers. But it leaves a lasting impression; an impression which inevitably results in listeners being left with a craving that only Hypoluxo themselves can satisfy.

 Pre-Order here  / Out Sept 21st.



August 20, 2018


Mammoth  Indigo,  the  brainchild  of  lead  singer/guitarist  Cody  Bowers,  was  formed  in  2013  in  Harrisonburg,  VA  with  friends  Dan  McDonough  (guitar/keys/vocals)  and  Eric  Singer  (percussion).  The  band  played  their  first  show  in  their  hometown  in  June,  2013  and  soon  realized  that  they  needed  to  continue  pursuing  the  creative  connection  they  all  had  together.

The  band  released  their  self-titled  debut  a  few  months  later  in  August  of  2013,  with  attention  grabbing  singles  ͞Rapture͟,  ͞God-Made  Satellite͟,  and  ͞No  Mothers͟.  They  hit  the  road  hard  by  booking  their  own  shows  and  traveling  fully  across  the  US  in  support  of  the  album.  Early  2014,  they  were  supported  by  Richmond  native,  Joey  Cook  (American  Idol  finalist)  on  two  different  legs  of  tours  throughout  the  US.  The  band  continued  playing  extensively  after  that  and  ended  up  touring  with  The  Soil  and  The  Sun,  You  Blew  It!,  and  Taking  Back  Sunday.

After  watching  the  band  at  a  live  show  in  Charlotte,  NC,  the  band  finally  found  their  permanent  bass  player  in  Adam  Vaagen.  The  group  now  felt  complete  with  a  full  lineup  and  were  determined  to  make  their  passion  for  their  music  known.  Cody  had  already  begun  to  piece  together  what  would  be  their  sophomore  album  and  the  band  decided  to  take  the  next  year  to  focus  on  writing  and  recording.

In  April  of  2018,  the  band  released  ͞Wilt͟,  which  was  premiered  by  Substream  Magazine.  Showcasing  singles  such  as  ͞Flowers  In  The  Basement͟,  ͞Full  Bloom͟ and  ͞Whiskey  King͟  the  band  traveled  to  Austin,  TX  in  March  of  2018  to  play  the  Feedbands  Showcase  during  SXSW.  They  are  currently  gearing  up  for  a  full  US  tour  in  August  of  2018  as  well  as  continuing  to  hit  the  road  forever.


January 2, 2018

Music is relative, and we all have those albums on a yearly basis that get all sorts of rotation for this reason or the next. Well it always makes me squeal with delight to find brand spanking new bands that get me all excited, and this year was no exception.
I seem to have found more fresh green artists, than years gone by.


Kind of difficult to articulate the profound impact this album had on me. It literally pulled my eyes away from my computer screen, to only stare at my speaker, as if they were performing the most beautiful thing ever in front of me. I was addicted, and there was no way the second track could be as good. But damn it was!
So I was beyond belief excited, when I found out I was going to be able to catch them performing at Vermillion Gallery 2 weeks later. But again my pessimistic attitude took hold, and I was certain they couldn’t replicate that beautiful, articulate, genius, musically wise beyond their years, whimsical, poppy, brilliant sound live.
Well happily, I couldn’t have been more off base. Not only did they, but they brought tears to my eyes and gave me the goose bumps about a dozen times. I didn’t want it to end.
I bought the album, so it never has too. (Click here for a full performance)

2. YOKE LORE– Good Pains Ep

Yoke Lore just has that beautiful equation of pop, electronic and even some elements of folk, that makes people move and yearn for more. This Ep was the first thing I had heard from Adrian Galvin of Brooklyn, and I was completely smitten. I can’t wait to see where this guy goes.

3. SERA CAHOONE– From Where I Started

It’s no secret, Sera Cahoone is a fucking musical giant in my little world … the special way she writes about heartbreak, life and love, make you want to roll down your car windows while driving through the cascade mountains singing about your victory in love, or curl up in a ball of emotions, and just straight up ugly cry about your loss. Either way Sera Cahoone’s new album will see you through. It’s a beautiful album from beginning to end.

4. VAGABON– Infinite Worlds

First time I heard single “The Embers”, I remember just turning it up, and thinking of how much energy this young woman carried in her voice, which kind of reminded me a bit of Bjork, but with a bit more grit.
Not long after, she dropped her vinyl, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. With that said, I have listened to it numerous times over, and it’s delivered in spades. This is another artist, that I can’t wait to see what happens.

5. MIDDLE KIDS– (Self Titled)

Sydney band Middle Kids self-titled EP, has a special place in my heart. I’ve been lost in their album several times, but “Edge of Town” kinda shook me to the core. It’s pop melodic sounds have had me moving in my chair, while doing dishes, laundry and maybe even some impromptu lyp-synching. I am dying for another album!

6. MOUNT EERIE– A Crow Looked at Me

Opening track “Real Death”, rips the scabbing right off the loss of his beloved wife Geneviève Castrée. It’s brutally raw and macabre beauty seems to be embraced in a slow dance of memories and pain.
Albums like this kinda defy all blanket statements of ones perception. It’s kinda like saying “I’m sorry for your loss”, the sentiment is there, but it’s just empty words.
Phil Elverum, is a bit of an anomaly to me, an artist beyond most, and this album is a in depth look of his personal journey through loss, pain and healing. A journal if you will.


Not to say we told you so, but …. we did feature a small project with Mike Hadreas back in 2010, where he participated in our “Rad Libs”  on this very website.
With that said, he has come out with another beautiful album to add to his impressive catalog. The avant garde, yet meticulously arranged music on No Shape, has Perfume Genius on a very solid trajectory to artsy elite status. With celebrity fans like Elton John, Micheal Stipe, John Cameron Mitchell and many others. I have a feeling we are going to see some incredible and creative things for many years to come.

8. JAY SOM– Everybody Works.

I stumbled upon this album this Summer, and by chance checked it out. I was mesmerized to say the least. After opening track “Lipstick Stains” finished, the album had my full attention and I couldn’t stop. It became a favorite album immediately. Her beautiful hushed voice is something to get lost in, and lose track of time. This sophomore album is a home run.


Bluntly…this 30 minute album brought out the 13-year old in me to be quite frank (Can I tell a secret? The 13-year old girl in me).
Her voice is familiar and nostalgic. The production is plum full of hooks and riffs. It’s got a bit of that 90’s vibe. But that’s kind of why I love it so much. It’s like one of those old albums, that got you through those tough times as a youth. Listening to this, is like eating a favorite candy bar to completion.
It’s very easy to do.

10. PUMAROSA– The Witch

This 4 piece from London, just kept me guessing, song after song. Their britpop sound was layered with bits of Radiohead, Bjork and Spiritualized, with slivers of grunge smattered throughout, but nevertheless, they still manage to hold their own identity. They created a beautiful tapestry of sound with this album.

NEW BAND CRUSH: THE DARTS (Southeast Tour Now)

November 20, 2017

I bought both albums (EP’s) on a whim at Easy Street Records, and have been obsessed ever since. Nope, never heard of them till that moment, but I loved the font for the band name, coupled with some cutesy suburban mom floral album covers, and it was a no-brainer.
Yeah I know I missed them at the Crocodile, but I’m yearning for The Darts to make a special trip back to Seattle, to entertain my inner Rrriot girl. You must check them the fuck out!….

Barely a year has flown by since Phoenix/LA garage-psych goddesses The Darts (US) wrapped up the final mixes of their phenomenal, self-titled debut EP, which was released on 10″ vinyl at the beginning of October 2016 off the back of a super-hot build-up buzz of local and national radio play, coupled with intense social media flattery and chatter before the band had even played their first gig.

Ever since that first fateful showing in Tucson, Nicole Laurenne (The Love Me Nots, Motobunny, Zero Zero), Rikki Styxx (The Two Tens, The Dollyrots, Thee Outta Sites), Christina Nunez (The Love Me Nots, Casual Encounters, The Madcaps) and Michelle Balderrama (Brainspoon) have blasted off like a guided missile, reaching speeds and heights over a global timeline that most new bands could never manage in the first year.

In summary, The Darts have self released two 10″ vinyl EPs, signed to an international record label, performed multiple tours of the US and Europe and have just completed their first full length album – which is now available and officially released at the end of September 2017. The album will then be showcased via more than a dozen gigs across two tours that month followed by another two weeks of shows in November.


September 28, 2017

Typically, it’s just another day of sifting through my ever growing email inbox (6700 and counting). It’s virtually impossible to keep up with the flood’s of requests, whether it be coverage for shows, interviews, previews, reviews, new album releases, shows etc.. all while trying to maintain, and grow the sister company called Cultnoize Media & PR (shameless plug). But Seismic-Sound allows me to find those bands that my soul yearns for, as well to connect with, and as you are reading …. gloat about.

Enter Happy Abandon … very few times, does a album get so far under my skin, that I can’t focus on the task at hand, but it did just that. I could not get things done without looking at the stereo and shaking my head in disbelief. It was so beautiful. Then as soon as I found out they were coming to Seattle, it was a no brainer … I must hear this live.

But first I wanted to find out a little bit about this band from North Carolina, and learn a bit about em.

PV: Peter Vance (vocals, guitar)
JW: Jake Waits (drums)
JE: Justin Ellis (Bass)

SS: So, I have already told the “Higher Ups”, that this new album of yours, is probably one of the 10 most beautiful albums I have heard this year, in the same category  as Mount Eerie, Vagabon, Folk Yore, Perfume Genius etc. Its absolutely the most beautiful complex piece of work I’ve heard in awhile. This album sounds like its coming from a very well seasoned band that’s been together for awhile.

With that said….I don’t think its easy finding musicians, as equally as talented all in the same band, especially younger bands. But I have to be honest, this band sounds like you were all hand picked studio musicians out of L.A. It all just seems perfect. I mean the cohesiveness is beautiful. Was this the first incarnation of Happy Abandon, and if so… was the chemistry amazing right out of the gate?


PV: The band initially formed as a two-piece between Jake and me. Our chemistry was absolutely immediate. As we started demoing out songs for our first EP, we knew we wanted soundscaping elements beyond just guitar, drums, and vocals.  Alex (Thompson, studio keyboards/pianos and arrangements) began working with us, initially to flesh out the recordings, but was soon playing live with us.  We added Justin as a full member a year later, right before we released the EP.  He had played a few shows with us in the past, so we thought he would be a good fit.

JE:  Alex doesn’t really play with us live anymore due to him purusing an awesome career in musical theater direction, but “Facepaint” was recorded with the four of us as equal partners.  But when we tour, it’s just Jake, Peter, myself, and some backing tracks.  We’ve all played in bands together and separately in college, so we’ve known how to play with and off of each other for a while, which really helped get the ball rolling. Thanks so much for the kind words – I LOVE that Perfume Genius record.


SS: It seems that in the industry now,  smaller bands in particular, need to be pumping out constant material to stay relevant and in the minds of people. How are you traversing the current state of the music industry?

JW: With a machete.

JE: I feel we’re an anomaly in that regard.  We just put out our first album out after 2 years of being “Happy Abandon”, and other than a non-publicized EP and single that we self-released last year, we haven’t really put out anything and instead focused on touring and honing in on the songs so we could make sure they were exactly what we wanted them to be before we recorded.  We have a music video coming out in November and will probably start demoing out some new stuff within the year, but what’s helped us grow more than anything else is touring and keeping ourselves open to any opportunities that come our way.


SS: What’s been the favorite part of this whole process of making the album? The final product? The touring? Or just being done.

PV: I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the recording process for “Facepaint” was incredible from start to finish.  If I were to pick a specific moment that touched me the most, it was hearing Alex and Camille’s (Faulkner, violinist and co-arranger on “Facepaint”) string arrangements played for the first time over the recordings. It affected me more than I expected, and made me appreciate the songs that much more.

JW: Busting out my classical percussion chops: gong, timpani, concert bass drum. Percussion is dynamic, and I strive to innovate the traditional techniques I’ve learned. Rhythmic or aesthetic inspiration comes from everywhere; the mountains we drive through–or the storms–the bands we’ve been playing with, their art, their performances, and in person have all been inspirational.

JE: My favorite thing about recording “Facepaint” was how efficient, yet relaxed it was.  We recorded the bulk of it at a house on Lake Gaston and lived there for a week with its’ owner, Jason Merritt, who produced the record, and Jamie Candiloro, who flew in from LA to help us record and later mix the record.  Just the five of us waking up, making eggs and coffee, recording all day and into the night in our pajamas, and sitting on the porch every night just hanging out and drinking.  It just felt really homey, and was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had recording something.


SS: So the west coast part of the tour starts here in Seattle (not counting Vancouver). For any of you, who haven’t been to Seattle, what do you think when you hear about Seattle? And is there anything you’d like to see while here, if time allowed?

PV: I hear that there’s a nonagressive drizzle that happens pretty much all the time. I hope I prepared for that. I’m a huge fan of the live session video series that KEXP does, so I would love to visit their studio. And I guess I plan on just following Justin around, who seems to want to live here.

JE:  I visited Seattle for the first time this past April to see Radiohead, and it met and exceeded every one of my expectations.  I’m so excited to see it again.  Totally gonna do KEXP and Discovery Park again.  I’d move there in a heartbeat.

JW: I forgot my raincoat!


SS: One thing each of  you must have with you on tour besides the obvious necessities?

PV:  Before every tour, I always get a handful of herbal remedies to keep me in tip-top condition.  I use a wellness tincture, slippery elm lozenges, and herbal throat spray. I also basic vitamins and teas.  I’m always very aware of  my stamina when encounter such constantly changing environments, and I want to make sure I can perform well every night – because that’s the whole point of touring.

JE:  Touring is my favorite thing in the world because it mixes travel, playing music, and hanging out with my friends.  But I bring my sleeping bag every time.  I’m not superstitious or anything, but having that constant – whether I’m in a bed or on a floor or a couch or in a tent – helps me establish whatever I sleep on or in as “home”, no matter where I am.  I’m also really tall, so having something that covers my feet is really great.

JW: Rings of Speed. On tour we sometimes have to run from Orcs, and a +2 to your speed can be crucial for surviving the road and getting to load-in on time.


SS: I’m a new fan of Schoolkids Records, can you tell me how this beautiful partnership began. Was it just geography?

JE:  I grew up in Raleigh, so I’ve been shopping at the namesake Schoolkids record stores my entire life as an avid music consumer.  I met Stephen (Judge, owner of the Schoolkids Records label and stores) years ago when I was trying to set up an in-store for my band at the time.  When I joined Happy Abandon and we decided to tour out to SXSW in 2016, we were hunting for any NC connections that could help get us a showcase or two.  Stephen’s friend Peter Blackstock, who championed our Peter’s old band back when he lived in Raleigh, recommended that we reach out to Stephen.  But it wasn’t until we played Stephen’s party twice at SXSW that he actually got to see and hear us.  We started talking about putting out a record with him a few months later, and he’s now as much a part of the nucleus of our band as Alex or our friend and advisor Missy.  The whole Schoolkids Raleigh staff are big fans of the band too, so it really feels like we have an adopted family supporting us and our ambitions.


SS: Lastly …. since there is so much bullshit going on in the world of ours today, can you tell me something you find that’s beautiful and puts a smile on your face, as you travel and interact with lot’s of different people?


PV: The breathtaking landscapes, coupled with the extreme hospitality of everyone we’ve met reminds me of how great this country is, even if it’s being run by the wrong people.  

JE: My faith in humanity gets restored every time we hit the road.  We’ve been so lucky to make friends of strangers who were willing to put us up for the night, feed us, our buy our music, and we see them every time we come back through their towns.

JW: I smile thinking about the determination that Peter, Justin and I have. Motivation is great. Inspiration is grand. But getting up every day and doing our band thing despite the world’s bullshit is the best.

Vermillion Gallery @ 8PM: Vacationeer/Happy Abandon/Eggshells/I Wish I Was A Punk Band

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