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September 25, 2015


In early 2014, multi-instrumentalists Brian Stewart and Alex Grant parted ways with their previous outfit, Analog Anthem, to form a new indie pop project — Youth Warrant. Released in March 2014, their debut 3 song EP “Strange Paradise”, anchored by a single of the same name, set them on their new direction as a group.

In 2015, the duo moved from Baltimore, MD to southern California to solidify the direciton of Youth Warrant and to seek other musicians and influences to round out the project. They soon met Matt Aukerman (a Tampa, Florida native and San Diego transplant), who joined them on guitar, backing vocals, and more. The three got right to work building a new project studio in the Ocean Beach neighborhood to write and record. By mid 2015, they had amassed a vast collection of new material.

On October 6, the trio will be releasing their new single, “Shake”, produced and engineered by Youth Warrant and mixed by their previous mix engineer, John Grant. This single ushers in their new era as a trio, as Californians, and as a new and improved indie pop outfit looking to spread their music with enthusiastic live performances and tightly produced recordings. With well-crafted, smart pop songs that reach a wide audience, they look to spend the rest of 2015 writing and releasing music and hit the road to bring them to life in 2016.


August 14, 2015


Song, “Empty Weather”, EagleWolfSnake brings a pop feel to indie rock. Lush with high energy vocals, catchy guitar hooks, and an all around fun attitude, the song certainly seems to get under your skin. Through it all, EagleWolfSnake is able to take something familiar, and create a whole new aesthetic all their own.

Hailing from San Francisco, EagleWolfSnake formed in March of 2014 after their last project,Music For Animals, began to come to an end. Eli Meyskens, Nick Bray, and Ryan Malley had been writing new songs on their own as the old band was ending, digging the vibe and deciding to see where it went was how EagleWolfSnake was born.

Almost immediately after coming out with the first couple shows the band was picked up for the Bottlerock Music Festival in Napa CA, as well as the Noise Pop Festival and Fog City Music Festival in San Francisco CA. The band has since played sold out venues in the Bay Area along sides bands like Stone Foxes, Mansions on the Moon, The Frail and Taylor Locke (Rooney).

As the band adds, “This project was born from the pure love of music. We have played together for years in previous bands, writing albums, touring the US and Europe. After having a brief brush with the major label record industry, we have seen that nothing is as important to us as the music. If we are not playing what comes natural and intuitively then we’re not making the right kind of music. This band wants to make music that makes us feel good and hopefully it will make others feel good too”

EagleWolfSnake will release their debut album Zang! this October 2015.


July 24, 2015


Project Pabst has come and gone. My first year in and I would say it was a great success. Music was fantastic, Things ran timely (for the most part), the location was great, (next year will be a breeze with the new bridge open) but I do wish they would have provided more cover for retreat from the blazing sun. People were standing in the shadow of others to find some kind of relief. But hey, I guess things could have been worse. There was no shortage of beer, although I heard many grumblings about the lack of selection. I mean you have to remember where we are, and what it’s called Project Pabst. Portland, Oregon is a micro-brew mecca, so I guess the groans makes sense.

Day 1: Musically speaking, the band Priory gave me great pleasure and a great way to kick off the “festival”. I have been on their trail since 2010, and I did a piece with them here on S.S. (read here) and no surprise, they have now signed to Warner.
I was able to give Laura Jean (Against Me!) props for blazing the transgender trail long before Caitlyn Jenner, and the set was amazing and raw as ever. Velevet Teen blew my mind as I was only very recently familiar with them, and Thee Oh Sees were fucking incredible per usual. TV On The Radio, was sheer brilliance, they just keep getting better, and musically more articulate. Back to the other stage, Run The Jewels, pretty much fuckin blew the place apart, and I was instantly won over by the energy of their set. These guys are on a fast track up, and its not a surprise at all.

The whole day was great, including headliner Blondie. She may be a 70 year old woman but Blondie proves that age is just a number, she rolled through her hits like a consumate professional. Heat or not, she is a icon who brings you back in time with songs like “Heart of Glass”, or even the more recent “Maria”. She just has that feel good appeal.








Day 2: the sun was upon us again, and once I was able to accept the fact of the incredible discomfort of the heat. I sought out more shade, drank more water … maybe you could say I was in a bit of a “survival mode”, since I knew I would be there for most of the day. I did arrive a bit late, but I did manage to catch the set of Alvvays, who I have really enjoyed over the last year or so. They weren’t exactly the most entertaining band, but I enjoyed their tight sound.
I quickly ran over to catch the set of Aimee Mann’s new project The Both, and I am glad I did. I forget how good her vocals are and her comfort in front of a audience.
Passion Pit was up next, and frankly I was stoked to hear these guys live again. I just needed some musical energy to refuel my tank, cause the sun was sapping me dry. And when they took the stage, the crowd reacted as if I weren’t the only one.
Buzzcocks were next and I was pretty blown away, by how fuckin tight these punk legends sounded. It was full on, from beginning to end, and the crowd ate it up.
Lastly…. Weezer. I’m a fan, and not one time have I been disappointed. They just have such a fun catalogue of music, and the crowd was more than happy to sing along to all of the songs you either loved or hated, but it was the best way to close out two brutal days of mother nature and her hot flashes.
The festival overall was great, and I can see this continually growing, but I think PBR needs to snatch up some microbrews, so they can offer a deeper selection of beer. Between the heat and the beer, the PNW can be a tough sell, but I hope to make it back next year.






July 20, 2015


For the seventh installment of this year’s Singles program, Adult Swim is sharing a new track from Peaches with assistance from Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. “Bodyline,” along with new single “Light In Places” are the first new Peaches releases in some time, and come in advance of this September’s forthcoming full length Rub.

Peaches’ “Bodyline” comes on the heels of releases from D∆WN, Cherry Glazerr, Kitty, Owen Pallett, Yung Lean and Swervedriver in this year’s 19-week long program that runs into October and features forthcoming songs from Slayer, Run The Jewels, Skrillex, Chromatics, Flying Lotus, DOOMSTARKS and Danny Brown & Clams Casino, among others. Stream the new track from Peaches below via Soundcloud or download it from now.

Peaches’ Rub is out on September 25th and available for pre-order now via iTunes, Amazon and her site. Her headlining US tour starts on October 1st. All dates & TIX are here:

Sept. 7th- Bumbershoot. Seattle, Wa.
Oct. 5th- Roseland Theater. Portland, Ore
Oct. 15th- First Ave. Minneapolis


July 10, 2015


Pabst Brewing Company and Superfly are proud to announce the lineup for 2015’s Project Pabst. The innovative celebration of Pabst and the city of Portland, OR, featuring a main festival and night shows The Spits, The Sonics, Tacocat!, The Coathangars, The Mummies, Shannon and The Clams and more) comprised of music, entertainment, food and drink, will take place July 18 and 19. The same restored Zidell Yards that hosted the incomparable first year will host the festival’s two stages on its 10 acres in the heart of the South Waterfront District. Blondie, Weezer, Passion Pit, TV On The Radio, The Both (ft. Aimee Mann and Ted Leo), and Against Me! are among the many artists who will perform this year.

In one year, Project Pabst singlehandedly raised the bar for live music in Portland. Now an annual gathering, this year’s lineup will solidify Project Pabst as the premier festival in the region, with unmatched creative programming. The Oregonian said of the inaugural event, “As debut days go, Project Pabst’s Portland reveal stuck the landing.“ In the festival’s second year, the lineup features legendary acts like Blondie, seminal UK-punks The Buzzcocks, and powerhouse hip-hop duo Run The Jewels, as well as Terry Six and King Louie Bankston of beloved Portland outfit, The Exploding Hearts.
Fans must be over 21 to attend. The late-night show component of the festival will take place July 17 and 18 with the full late-night lineup and venue information coming soon. One dollar from every ticket will go to help the Jeremy Wilson Foundation, dedicated to providing financial assistance in times of medical crisis and to improving the overall well-being of individual musicians and their families.
“We were pleasantly blown away by the way Project Pabst was embraced by not just the city of Portland, but by our loyal PBR consumers and music fans across the country,” says Pabst Brewing Company’s CMO Dan McHugh.  “We are excited for year two of Project Pabst. From the very beginning, we wanted it to be more than just a music festival; we wanted it to be a PBR experience.  We look forward to sharing that with even more people this year.”

The Superfly and Pabst Brewing company collaboration continues this year creating the ideal multi-faceted festival experience Portland deserves. Superfly’s history of designing groundbreaking properties such as Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, cultivating them into becoming incomparable global phenomena, coincides perfectly with Pabst’s remarkable vision as the largest American-owned brewer established in 1844. The Oregonian said of last year’s partnership, “In their collaborative debut, Pabst and promoter Superfly put together an almost unbelievably smooth festival weekend.”
“We are so excited to build upon last year’s tremendous success,“ said Superfly’s Richard Goodstone. “The team put together an amazing line up and will have lots of surprises for year two.”

The unique strengths of these two companies using the backdrop of the beautiful waterfront in one of the greatest musical cities in the country is certain to make for another unforgettable weekend. This year’s music programming will again represent a wide range of genres, with major national headliners performing alongside exceptional emerging talent, making the event a substantial celebration of the established and the cutting edge. Local acts will also be featured prominently as the festival will represent Portland’s vibrant cultural community. The Portland flavor will also be seen in the festival’s concessions, featuring foods from local eateries. With a seemingly endless selection of music and activities, Project Pabst is certain to provide a singular festival experience that will also serve as a beacon as it shines a light on the wonders of the Portland community.



July 1, 2015


Painted Palms’ second full-length album, Horizons, exudes a sense of confidence and purpose that is only present when two creators share a singular focus and absolute trust in each other’s talents.

On Horizons, emotional states are suspended between light and dark, driven by the tension of efficient song structures. This week the band shares the synth-laden “Tracers,” melding ’60s psych pop with heavy-footed ’80s drum machines.

Though vocalist Chris Prudhomme and producer Reese Donohue chose to collaborate on their second full-length by sending song ideas back and forth over e-mail, just as they did when crafting their 2014 debut Forever, Horizons marks the first time the duo has expanded their sound beyond the bedroom by stepping into the studio.

Mixed by former DFA house engineer Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Classixx), Horizons engages with a diverse sonic palette on each track: ’60s psych-pop, ’80s synths, hypnotic vibes of the kind induced by Bjork and early ’90s Creation Records bands, and the trunk-rattling minimalism of Southern hip-hop.

Horizons is a meditation on achieving balance in a place where things are always changing, and there are no real ends. As a result, Painted Palms refines and executes their best work to date.


May 27, 2015


Icelandic romantic Axel Flóvent has released his new EP Forest Fires, a back-to-roots stunner that distils the true essence of modern songwriting. Likely to draw comparisons to Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Guillemots and fellow countryman Ásgeir, Forest Fires withholds an essential charm that characterises central themes in its subject matter and more effervescently the story around the songwriter himself.

Based in the tiny Icelandic town Akureyri, Alex Flóvent was organically discovered when the power and authenticity of his bedroom-produced song Beach swooned Newcastle indie label Trellis Records (now based in London) as it raced to nearly 30,000 streams in a month. The discovery of Alex Flóvent is testament to the genuine and sincere soul of his music, giving it the ability to inspire and enchant listeners worldwide. Flóvent has commented on his pleasure with how Forest Fires illustrates him both sonically and stylistically, revealing that song Beach “talks to everyone who is experiencing such negative emotions that it is affecting those around them, the song is speaking to those frustrated souls who need to emotionally restart their life”.

Despite Iceland’s remote location, Alex Flóvent listeners each possess a deep and ruminating connection to his music, tribute to how the modern world can bring us all closer together and bond us in united emotion. Listening to Alex Flóvent is like experiencing a private performance, such is the power of Flóvent’s music to connect with your inner-self and transport you to his stunning homeland. Embracing itself around the listener, like a warm and loving cocoon against the often emotionless world around us, Forest Fires is as authentic and pure as music can be.

Axel Flóvent’s Forest Fires EP is out now on Trellis Records.


May 26, 2015


This year we have the 2nd annual BBB, and it seems to be all the buzz. I’m sure all the buzz has to do with the lineup, but I also think its a reason why we love Macefield and Doe Bay so much. Its just like a big show with you and a bunch of your pals hanging out drinking beer and getting to hear great music. Not to mention that proceeds go to Rain City Rock Camp For Girls, which is totally bad-ass.

So I wanted to chat with Pete Jordan and find out how this all started and where he see’s it going, in this day and age of “mom & pop fests”.

So, when did you decide that you were going to start this fest? What was the catalyst?
My band moved into the Big Building a couple years ago. We had come from a typically soulless tiny cave-like situation and just absolutely fell in love with our new space and the entire building. Ben Schauland, Big BLDG Bash co-founder and long time BB resident, mentioned to me that he wanted to throw a music festival in the building. I thought it was a brilliant idea so we made it so.

Were you at all concerned with the over-saturation of festivals in or around the surrounding areas?
When we started this, we just wanted to throw a great party with a bunch of amazing bands and delicious beer. We were learning by doing and didn’t really have the bandwidth to worry about rival events. This issue came up in planning this year’s fest but we quickly realized that this festival is basically an enormous house party. There are plenty of great small festivals around, but ours fits uniquely into the mom & pop fest scene that’s been burgeoning recently.

Is this something that you ultimately want to grow, or would you prefer to keep it indie-driven and local?
This festival will definitely remain DIY but I don’t think having growth and staying ‘indie-driven’ are mutually exclusive. We are limited by the capacity of the building, but we’ve discussed expanding it to a multi-day event or having multiple festivals per year. There are so many great bands that we weren’t able to include, we would love the opportunity to have more play.
For now we’re just focusing on getting better at throwing the damn thing.

What do you think makes for a successful experience?
Last year we maintained a super positive, festive atmosphere. It was a celebration of local music and I think everyone in attendance helped foster the feeling of community.
We hope that everyone falls in love with a band they’ve never seen before. We also hope the beer lasts just long enough and that we don’t throw any circuit breakers.

What do you think the BBB offers, that others may not?
The first thing that comes to mind is the setting. The building itself is very unique. It’s a large industrial building in Sodo with all manner of craftspeople inhabiting it. Everything from metalworking to band practice spaces, glass blowing to machining and auto work.
Another thing we do that isn’t common is having multiple stages in the same space. The Yard and Hanger areas will at all times have a band performing on one stage and one setting up on the other. All you have to do is turn 90 degrees and watch the next band start.
Also, $20 for 50+ bands is ridiculous and it’s all for great causes. Our proceeds are benefitting local non-profits (Rain City Rock Camp for Girls and Colectiva Legal del Pueblo).

And if you could book any 3 bands to make surprise performances (Living) at the BBB, who would they be?
Unknown Mortal Orchestra, David Bazan, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
I can only speak for myself, but we did decide to send Bazan’s manager an email so I know that one is sanctioned by the other BBB organizers. We, unsurprisingly, never heard back.

Where would you like to see this in 5 years?
We haven’t really talked about the long term plan yet. I think just more bands, more beer, more days, more BBB is the goal. Maybe do seasonal BBBs. Possibly even throw some bashes at intriguing buildings in other cities.

I’m sure you love all the bands, but any in particular you think Seattle needs to check out?
I do love all the bands! It would be impossible for me to catch every act that I want to. Take any 3 bands from this line up and you’d have a solid bill that I would enjoy.
I know Ben and Dane Ueland (who hopped on to help organize this year) would probably have different answers but I’m particularly excited about Fauna Shade, Lemolo, Kithkin, and The Holy Broke.

And lastly….. any tips you can give us, that will make our day the best it can be at BBB? Wet wipes? Flask’s? Lots of weed?
Wet wipes are never a bad idea.
Come early and stay late. We are only selling about half the capacity in presale tickets and everything else is first come first serve. If we hit capacity we will only be guaranteeing bands and presale ticket holders reentry.
Come enjoy yourselves!

For tix: Here

BIGBLDGBASH // 2015 from Ben Schauland on Vimeo.


April 28, 2015


“Delirium” is the second track shared off of Fauna Shade‘s debut full length Baton Rouge, out May 1st. *free download*

Fauna Shade is the music and sounds developed by frontman and Everett, Washington native Scotty Smith. Smith, now 22, combines psychedelica and pop sensibility from years spent experimenting, writing and recording tracks in his parents garage, located between the Puget Sound and Cascade Mountains. Joined live by drummer Richie Owen and bassist Derek Johnston, the band draws inspiration from early MGMT, Coco Rosie and T. Rex, while somehow forming a sound uncorrupted and free of pretense.

Their new full length Baton Rouge was recorded and co-produced by Jeff Southard at SWOON Studios (Night Beats, Tangerine) in Tacoma, Washington. Baton Rouge is out on May 1st, 2015.

They celebrate their record release on May 1st at The Sunset in Seattle, WA with Kithkin and Fruit Juice.



April 27, 2015


Los Angeles based rock group THE JANKS, fronted by brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed along with rhythm section Nate Light and Leon LeDoux, make it their mission to produce music in the same way they live their lives; with both sincerity and irreverence. The Janks create a sound that combines the traditional two-part vocal harmony of The Everly Brothers with the adept musicianship and blues-rock stylings of Led Zeppelin — all with a heavy dose of humorous abandon a la Ween. They have logged over 500 live appearances at venues including The Troubadour, House of Blues, The Echo, and The Echoplex, and have held residencies at two of Los Angeles’ most touted indie rock clubs, The Satellite and the Bootleg Theater. The band has developed a devout local following and has garnered critical praise for their dynamic live shows. The Janks released their debut album Hands of Time in 2012 and followed up recently with the Living in Denial EP in November 2014.

Starting this past January, THE JANKS have been releasing a digital single every last friday of every month in 2015 in addition to EP releases planned for early summer and fall.


April 17, 2015

Ernest Jenning Record Co. is excited to announce Rejoice! God Loves Wild Yaks, the newest full-length from Brooklyn indie stalwarts Wild Yaks. Rejoice! will see a release on June 2, 2015. To ring in the release, the band has released a new track, titled “Paradise.” The track premiered via Stereogum, who noted that “Wild Yaks’ raucous energy and singalong-inducing lyrics are part of what make them one of Brooklyn’s most beloved indie rock acts.”


March 23, 2015


In the later half of 2014, Kane Mazlin and Ryan Strathie – ex-Members of the now defunct Hungry Kids of Hungry – formed new project Sans Parents with Sydney-based musician Alex Bennison. Their debut single, ‘Coming Back To You’, received national radio play via Triple J and strong support from worldwide blogs, resulting in a Top 10 debut charting position on Hype Machine.

With Babaganoüj / ex-Yves Klein Blue member Charles Sale added to the line-up, the newly configured four-piece have now released follow-up single ‘Loose People’, which was produced and engineered by Matt Redlich (Ball Park Music, Holy Holy, Emma Louise).

Laced with beautifully arranged vocal melodies and an instrumental fusion of early post-punk rock / snappy garage pop, ‘Loose People’ endeavors to follow up on the success of ‘Coming Back To You’.


March 9, 2015


Due to rising international pressure, Joanna Gruesome‘s new album Peanut Butter will finally enter the world on June 2 via Slumberland (US) and May 11 via Fortuna POP! (UK) and Turnstile (ROW). Rival groups will be disappointed to learn that the record is a further experiment in combining hyper melodic pop music with sonic violence. Officials have confirmed that the album contains a record number of hooks, traces of nut and elements of jangle pop, British hardcore punk, atonal music, screaming and drone organs. Yet they have issued warnings of “a marriage of radical politics with peanut butter spread”. Why not listen to the taster track “Last Year”, a song about experiencing tragedy and the occult in a water park.

Like their debut, the new album was recorded by MJ from Hookworms, with the aim of heightening the group’s “pop” and “aggressive” elements to excessive and hitherto unrecorded levels. As songwriter Owen Williams explains: “We tried to make it shorter, more economical and attempted to pack as many hooks and screams in as quickly possible in order to avoid short changing the consumer or wasting her/his/their time. Lyrically it’s more obtuse and surreal but also attempts to mock trad masculine rock themes whenever things do get more lucid. But sometimes musically we embrace them by doing embarrassing guitar solos. I’m not sure how much else I’m at liberty to say but one thing I will disclose is that the record is a response to threats posed by rival groups.”

Comprised of Alanna McArdle (vocals), Owen Williams (guitar), Max Warren (bass), George Nicholls (guitar) and David Sandford (drums), the band all originally met on a wine tasting holiday. Their terrific debut album Weird Sister took the world by storm when it was released in September 2013, going on to win last year’s Welsh Music Prize. Fantastic press support saw glowing press reviews across the board with particular love from Pitchfork and from NME, including a spot on the front cover as part of their Rule Britannia issue, as well as live coverage from The Guardian, Observer and The Independent. At radio their singles have scored a remarkable four out of four on the BBC 6Music playlist and the band have played sessions for both Lauren Laverne on 6Music and for Huw Stephens on Radio One.


February 16, 2015

We have nothing to hide hear at SS. We love all sorts of music; from metal to folk. But we also love a good pop rock band. Last year we had Bleachers, now this year we have Cheerleader. We have a feeling this band are going to get lots of air time, and we are looking forward to seeing them on their upcoming tour opening for The Wombats.

Cheerleader is Joe Haller, Chris Duran, Josh Pannepacker, Carl Bahner and Paul Impellizeri. Haller and Duran’s musical partnership was born in Duran’s parents’ basement, sparking a connection that survived the 2000s and colleges in separate states. After garnering critical attention from the likes of NME for their self-produced and recorded three-song demo, the duo grew and began performing live. Now a five-piece based in Philadelphia, Cheerleader is a bigger version of its original incarnation. “Thanks to our touring and recording, we have a lot of confidence now,” says Haller. “I really can’t imagine Cheerleader without Josh, Paul, and Carl. They’ve had a huge impact.”
March 13-15 Denton, TX 35 Denton
March 17-22 Austin, TX SXSW
April 23 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
April 24 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
April 25 Providence, RI The Met
April 27 New York, NY Webster Hall
April 28 Boston, MA Paradise
April 30 Washington, D.C. 9:30 Club
May 1 Albany, NY The Hollow
May 2 Rochester, NY Montage
May 4 Columbus, OH A & R Room
May 5 Indianapolis, IN Deluxe
May 6 Minneapolis, MN Varsity
May 8 Kansas City, MO Granada Theatre
May 12 Los Angeles, CA Fonda
May 13 San Diego, CA House of Blues Voodoo
May 15 Santa Ana, CA The Constellation Room
May 16 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
May 18 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
May 19 Seattle, WA Crocodile


February 10, 2015


Makthaverskan layer aspects of noise, jangle and dream pop on a foundation of rambling, garage-punk energy. Distorted, uptempo riffs ebb and flow with laid back, atmospheric post-punk throughout the tracks that make up the band’s sophomore LP II. Sonic bursts of anthemic pop are accentuated and brought to life by front-woman Maja Milner’s sharp and soaring delivery, cutting through layers of reverb to air out her dirty laundry.

The band’s name, while not an actual Swedish word, derives its meaning from “Makthavaren” meaning “the man in the position of power”. Makthaverskan, then, is the feminine conjugation of this concept meaning in its definite form “the female with the power” – a sentiment that seems to double back and truly power the music.

Makthaverskan + Self Defense Family

3/4 – Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY *
3/5 – Boot and Saddle – Philadelphia, PA *
3/6 – Great Scott – Boston, MA *
3/7 – Congregational Church – Storrs, CT *
3/8 – Studio at Webster Hall – New York, NY *
3/9 – DC9 – Washington, DC *
3/11 – Strange Matter – Richmond, VA *
3/12 – Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC *
3/13 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
3/14 – The Atlantic – Gainsville, FL
3/16 – Galax Z Fair – Cine El Rey – McAllen, TX
3/24 – The Works – Albuquerque, NM **
3/25 – Yucca Tap Room – Tempe, AZ **
3/26 – The Hideout – San Diego, C A**
3/27 – Jewel’s Catch One – Los Angeles, CA **
3/28 – Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco, CA **
3/30 – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT **
3/31 – Marquis Theatre – Omaha, NE **
4/1 – Slowdown – Omaha, NE **
4/3 – Fubar – St. Louis, MO **
4/4 – The Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL **

* w/ Creative Adult
** w/ Solids


February 9, 2015


They say “there must be something in the water!…”. There’s definitely something more to Gothenburg’s waters then bearded fishermen, cargo ships and disused shipyards. A diverse and fertile scene for independent music. As a proof of which, Gothenburg’s latest musical offering, Navelin – who have been drinking from the same local reservoir as acts like Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Little Dragon, Broder Daniel, Union Carbide Productions, Jens Lekman, The Knife, Jose Gonzales, Silverbullit, El Perro Del Mar and Fibes, oh Fibes! – are releasing their new single ”Shake it Off”. But with members from Gothenburg as well as Dublin (IRL) Navelin is ready to throw something new into the game.

Navelin spent most of 2014 bouncing between stage and studio. Pre-producing and honing their live show, writing new material and putting the finishing touches to their upcoming self titled EP. An EP due for release at the end of February. On January 26th, Navelin will release their new single “Shake It Off” (once again mixed by Filip Leyman – Anna Von Hausswolff, Skansros, Det Stora Monstret, School ’94). Since the release of “Ofelia” and their launch into the live arena, Navelin have been steadily building a solid international fanbase of curious, hungry Navelites. Through gigs around Scandinavia and recognition across the blogosphere in countries such as Sweden, Germany, USA, Denmark, Great Britain and Spain, Navelin’s been garnering some well earned support and encouraging reviews, being compared to the likes of Slowdive, Joy Division, The Cocteau Twins, Dubstar amongst others…

2015 holds Navelin’s focus firmly on the live scene. Working around touring plans – plans that take into their stride Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Ireland – Navelin will start to record their new material whenever the opportunity arises… New single “Shake It Off” – taken from the forthcoming self titled EP – will be available digitally from the usual outlets, January 26th.


January 30, 2015

Prom Queen has been on my radar for a couple years now, and until this past Friday at Doug Fir Lounge, I was unable to ever catch them live. Not for the sake of not liking their sound, cause frankly I loved it. It was a bit different than what was trending at the time (folk), so I was captivated.
The bands sound translated beautifully at The Doug Fir and they almost stole the show. It was their first Portland performance, and I have no doubt that they will be coming back to play a very excited and enthusiastic crowd.





I haven’t seen La Luz play since SXSW last year, and you can tell these ladies have been hitting the pavement hard. Sound is incredibly tight, and rolling through their set effortlessly. Even a misstep they play off without 98% of the crowd realizing. They have certainly found a groove. And after hearing a a new track or two, I can’t wait for whats next.




I missed most if IS/IS’s set, but they sounded incredible as well.


NEW BAND/NEW ALBUM- COTILLON (Self Titled Album) Out Jan.26th

January 29, 2015


Cotillon is the moniker of Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Jordan Corso. Originally a bedroom recording project intended to illustrate the difficulty of maintaining relationships in LA in the spirit of the french new wave, Cotillon took band form in 2013 playing 50 plus shows supporting a steady stream of songs and EPs that were self-released to bandcamp.

Addicted to writing by that point, Corso took a brief hiatus from performing to record in the winter of 2014 with producer Chet “JR” White formerly of San Francisco’s GIRLS. After spending the Summer and Fall developing demos by sending tracks back and forth via email, JR went to LA to begin tracking the album at historic East West Studio 3 (Pet Sounds Studio) with Corso and the rest of the band. They laid down most of the framework in LA before Corso found himself holed up on JR’s mission district couch. Recording between his home studio and Hyde Street’s Studio A, JR dipped into his rolodex calling on friends for polishing, including past members of GIRLS and The Modern Lovers, and current drummer for King Tuff, Garrett Goddard.


January 26, 2015


New Orleans’ Pope are getting ready to release their upcoming full length debut Fiction, on March 10th via Community Records (Caddywhompus, Sun Hotel, All People). The band, comprised of Matthew Seferian (guitar/vocals), Alex Skalany (guitar/vocals), and Atticus Lopez (drums), premiered the album’s first single “Let Down” on Stereogum, who noted:

“Pope have been playing together since high school, and that tight chemistry comes across strongly on their forthcoming debut album, Fiction. Every progression feels effortless, and the three members of the band — Alex Skalany, Donovan Wolfington’s Matthew Seferian, and Atticus Lopez — play off of each other in the near-telepathic way that only good friends can. “Let Down” roars to life with a sarcastic bite, the vocals sounding jaded and as bitter as a lemon. It’s noisy and dense, slathered with layers of distortion and fuzz, yet it also feels oddly welcoming. ”

Fiction is the band’s long awaited full length debut, following a trail of EPs and singles and finds the band expanding with a newfound sense of maturity to their songwriting. Fuzzy melodies and hook filled riffs offer a lush sonic landscape for the duel vocals of Skalany and Seferian. The band’s sound swirls between noise-pop and 90’s influenced indie rock in the vein of Superchunk, Guided By Voices, and Pavement, but like those bands and their drive to create timelessly infectious rock, there’s nothing “slacker” about it. Pope’s album is filled with overdriven guitar pop that moves between crushing distortion and introspective lyricism about life’s finer things… making bad decisions, friends and relationships, anxiety, the joys of social interactions, and the inevitable self depreciation, all delivered with an unwavering sense of awareness and biting sarcasm. There’s a radiant energy to Pope’s fuzzy indie noise and it shines throughout the record in massive enveloping guitar tones and warm power pop vocal melodies.


January 5, 2015


New York City based blues-rockers, The Dough Rollers, announce the release of their EP Gone Baby Gone on vinyl via Third Man Records. Most recently the rockers have been featured on Late Night with David Letterman, Inked, Rolling Stone, KEXP, The AV CLUB and more. The EP possesses an infectious, stripped-down sound combining elements of blues-rock and garage rock, that aligns the foursome with rising artists like J Roddy Walston And The Business and The Alabama Shakes.

The Dough Rollers began in 2008 as a two-piece collaboration born out of a mutual love of blues music, between Jack Bryne (lead guitar) and Malcolm Ford (vocals/guitar). After experimenting with different band members and various influential sounds, Bryne and Ford were joined by Graham Norwood (bass) and their distinct southern blues-infused rock sound was solidified. The band has toured with Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and Queens of the Stone Age. They are currently on a European tour with Billy Idol.


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